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Increase Your Leads With a Virtual Assistant for Prospecting!

Virtual Assistant for Prospecting

Increasing leads can be a really easy goal for entrepreneurs when they count on a Virtual Assistant for prospecting. We know there are multiple benefits of getting leads like building high-value relationships or increasing sales. There are multiple ways a company can obtain more leads, regardless we believe some tactics bring a higher success rate than others. 

There is a huge amount of companies hiring virtual assistants to fulfill the role of getting more leads. Prospecting has become a crucial step in the sales process to understand whether or not a person is interested in your business. 

What is Prospecting?

Prospecting consists of identifying potential leads to create a database of prospects. These prospects are people who are likely to work or buy from you, so this process should be followed by planned efforts to communicate well with them. 

If you are thinking of hiring a VA for prospecting there should be two groups of potential clients they might have to keep in mind. 

The first group is suspects. This consists of people who you are not certain of how likely they are to buy your product or service. What makes business owners second guess about suspects is the lack of knowledge or closeness to them.

Because suspects are people who might not be aware of your offerings, you should improve your efforts to create attention from them. 

The second group is prospects, the difference here is that you have made prior contact with prospects. This connection has helped you confirm that they are in fact in need of your offering and might end up closing the deal at some point (this might require an incentive like discounts or offers). 


How Can a VA Help Me with Prospecting For My Business?

There are several tactics or tools a virtual assistant can implement to develop efficient prospecting for your company. The primary goal is to segment your clients into the two groups mentioned above. 

Some of the most popular forms of prospecting a VA can perform are: 


Created to share information and draw the lead to take any action that will position them as a prospect. Your emails should include content that motivates your leads to make a purchase or you could also aspire to develop a strong relationship with them.

An example is sending them an email on their birthday, or wishing them a Merry Christmas. Even though those are small actions, prospects appreciate the attention. You can come to their mind next time they plan on buying your product or services.  

Direct mail

This could be a bit more personal but also demonstrates commitment with your leads. Through mailed flyers, postcards, or catalogs you can share important details about your service or product. Nowadays there are many platforms that make this process simple for your VA and also help you save money.

Phone calls

Provides a great space to start a conversation with clients, allowing your VA to notice the interest they demonstrate towards your product or service. Cold Calling is a great way your virtual assistant for prospecting can increase your leads since their reaction on their phone is almost immediate and you can quickly notice who is a prospect or a suspect.

After your VA performs these actions, based on the outcome of each task you could then qualify your leads and start spending your marketing resources strongly towards prospects. 

Virtual Assistant for Prospecting

Social Media

Prospecting can also take place on most social media platforms nowadays.  Through your content and interactions, you can see who is paying attention to your pages.

LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms for B2B business development. Meaning is a great place for your VA to make connections and get more leads

How to Get a Virtual Assistant for Prospecting?

If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant for prospecting, you should think about someone that specializes in lead generation. They are the most qualified individuals to manage your CRM, contact clients, create content, and accomplish everything you need to generate more leads.

A great reason to hire a VA for this task is the fact that you can save time and energy while also noticing great results. 

The main difference in the hiring process is typically the time you spend on it. With a freelancer directory platform, you have to dedicate yourself to the selection of the ideal person for the position. One of the important and sometimes overlooked details is that you can’t always find the expected quality of work.

With VA agencies you can make sure that even if your main VA does not meet all the requirements, he/she can be replaced. This is one of the most important policies at There is Talent because we know that the most important thing is results.

Are you ready to get more leads and more sales? Book a call today with our director Claudia!


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