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Why You Should Hire Contact Center Agents With Us

Contact Center Agents

Getting more clients should not be the only priority of a business, it is very important to nourish your relationship with your existing clients and to give proper attention to their issues and requirements. If after you gain a client you forget about them and their demands, you will most likely lose it and all of your marketing efforts would go to waste. 

Hiring contact center agents can help a business of any size. If you want to learn how you can keep your clients satisfied, and improve their experience while being more efficient, keep reading, this blog will give you all the answers.

Advantages of a Contact Center

Contact centers also known as call centers are a part of a business that handles a large call volume. Each business has different requirements, so calls have different purposes like scheduling appointments, customer service calls, marketing calls/cold calls, etc. 

Contact center agents are prepared to solve any issues that a client could have over the phone, this is an incredible tool to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Keep in mind: clients love to feel seen and important! 

At There is Talent we provide companies with experienced call center agents. Below are some characteristics that make our agents stand out from the rest. 

Inbound and Outbound Experience

Our contact center agents have experience in both inbound and outbound calls. They are able to answer calls to solve any issues or concerns a client might have, but also reach out to potential customers through cold calling techniques to generate more sales for your business. 

Call Center

Fluent in English and Spanish

Our customer agents are located in Colombia, they have an excellent English level, but this is not enough for business owners who also need support for their Spanish-speaking clients.

 There is a large population of Spanish speakers in the U.S., and your clients could be among them. Your business strategy must consider those customers in order to meet the needs of all. 

Used to Working in US time

For any business owner, it is important to have a parallel schedule with their workers. Because of the closeness between the U.S and Colombia, the time difference is sometimes non-existent. 

This makes it more convenient to work with our contact center agents since they won’t be calling your clients at unexpected hours of the day and they will be able to answer the phone during the working hours you have designated. 

Equipped Work Space

Our contact center agents have a fully equipped workstation, high-speed internet services, and common software programs for which the contractor does not have to make an investment. Their workspace is quiet and collected, allowing them to receive or make calls with no interruptions. 

Flexible Contracting

We offer flexible contracting plans, meaning you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You do not have to commit to a long-term contract
  • You do not have to hire a minimum number of agents
  • We are able to offer between 1-30 agents at any one time

Challenges of Cold Calling

Cold Calling sometimes requires determination and persistence to get your first proper connection with a client. 

Cold Calling

When you hire contact center agents you need to make sure they are eager, and ready to face difficulty. This sales task can result in various customer responses, even though acceptance is the ultimate goal; hang-ups or even verbal attacks are to consider.

Persuasive is a word that defines Colombians, they are prepared to endure constant rejection while still hustling for a ¨yes¨. Having them join your team can boost your company’s success rate while developing a long-term relationship with your clients

Begin Working with There is Talent

We understand how important it is for businesses to have a great team of agents that are able to help their clients with anything they require. This is why we want to make the hiring process easier for you. 

Regardless of its disadvantages, we believe that counting on a contact center is very important for companies, if it wasn’t, why would so many businesses still use this technique? The simple answer is: it still works! 

There are many options in the market right now for you to start working on this practice. Still, we are certain that with us you will be able to find everything you need and more. 

At There is Talent we have monthly plans where we offer you support and follow-up as well as a backup, we work with the best contact center agents located in Colombia. They are ready and prepared to take your business to the next level. 

Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best contact center agents! 


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