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Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

In all the time that has passed since you became a business owner, how many times has it been suggested to you that you need a bookkeeping virtual assistant? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your answer is probably, “a lot.”

And it’s a common situation for business owners who, from the moment they open their physical or digital doors, encounter well-meaning advisors who speak from their own experience.

Regardless, it’s possible you’ve been ignoring those suggestions until now. How have you been doing since then? Do you have all your books in order? Have you encountered any particularly tough challenges? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It often happens that either because of cost savings or distrust of new staff, you may be putting off the decision to outsource your accounting area until later. The problem is that “later” comes too soon when you already have many details pending.

Why Hire a VA?

A virtual assistant helps in many ways.

You save costs: bookkeeping virtual assistants help you save labor costs, especially if you have a person from Latin America. Likewise, they represent a lower cost than an on-site employee. You don’t have to pay for medical insurance, workstations, sick days, and other expenses.

You boost your company’s growth: by outsourcing tasks to a virtual bookkeeping assistant, you gain time. This is time that you can use to manage more responsible tasks. Tasks that allow you to boost the growth of your company or improve the service to your customers.

When you hire a bookkeeping virtual assistant to check items in your QuickBooks account, for example, you are saving time and money throughout the fiscal year.

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

What does a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant Do?

Bookkeeping virtual assistants can collaborate in different areas related to the efficient management of the company’s accounting.

#1 A virtual assistant can be in charge of creating the accounting data files in your preferred software to suit the needs of the business. These files should be accessible to you and your designees.

#2 Basic accounting tasks of any business. These include recording financial expenses and tracking accounts payable and receivable.

#3 Management of more detailed tasks such as payroll, sales tax, and quarterly taxes, etc.

#4 Reconciliation of bank statements and/or internal audits.

#5 Supporting the design of budgets and business plans.

These are just a few examples of the many tasks a virtual assistant can perform.

Soon after outsourcing, you will find that you will have started to create a set of checks and balances within your company.

Virtual assistants can help you record and analyze expenses for each department. They can review accounts payable and check the company’s expenses against your budget. You then go on to review and analyze the data to identify opportunities for improvement.

How Does a VA Benefit Your company?

In addition to all the main aspects we have mentioned above such as cost savings and improved use of time, there are small details that are very important.

When you hire a virtual assistant you are creating a structure that will support the financial well-being of your company.

A bookkeeping virtual assistant helps you implement a financial process that strengthens your company and helps create an efficient follow-up. In this way, you are insulating your company from dangerous risks.

Another part of the benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that she can handle communication with all departments of the company. This ensures that necessary purchases are approved and all expense reports are available.

In addition, this helps the team to be more aware of their expenses and collaborate to reduce them to what is necessary.

A virtual assistant not only ensures that the books are properly maintained. They can also help alert you to waste and mismanagement of supplies and inventory. And all of this saves you time since you won’t have to try to do these tasks yourself.

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Where to Get a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant?

One of the easiest ways to secure a quality bookkeeping virtual assistant is to use an outsourcing agency like There is Talent.

While it is true that you can get virtual assistants on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, you have to spend time on the screening and hiring process. With an outsourcing agency, you can rest assured that you will have qualified staff for the position.

If you are a business owner in the USA you can count on the peace of mind of working with qualified people in the same time zone. This is one of the main benefits of hiring There is Talent.

We focus on connecting the right people with our clients and support them in saving costs, improving time utilization, and working in similar time zones. Details that are not found in virtual assistants in the US or Asia.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing our services, schedule a call with our director, Claudia.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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