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Top Apps for Managing Virtual Assistants

Top apps for Managing Virtual Assistants

If you are working with a virtual assistant then it makes sense to use some of the vast range of available apps to make your life (and your VA’s) easier. Gone are the days where it’s okay to manage everything using a pen and a piece of paper.

Are you worried because your VA is missing deadlines, and you can not track them? Is communication an issue because of different time zones? If so, then this article is for you.

The primary task of a VA is to save time. Nonetheless, it may be impossible if you lack the appropriate software to supervise them. Find out everything about our hand-picked apps for managing virtual assistants.

Why you need apps for managing virtual assistants

Why You Need Apps for Managing Virtual Assistants

You don’t actually need to use apps for managing your virtual assistants. It is possible to get by without them, but it’s so much easier if you use the right tools. Using the right software can enable you to:

  • Assign everyday tasks to your virtual assistant
  • Monitor their work and ensure they stay on track
  • Communicate with them at any time

Best Apps for Managing Virtual Assistants

Having said that it’s a good idea to use apps, you really don’t need to use anything complicated. Here we’ve put together a simple list which will help you get the job done.

Best Overall – Slack

Did you know that around 40% of online accounts in the US were hacked last year? Slack protects your data with strict protocols. You can control your VA’s access to your team’s discussions by regulating screen sharing and collaborative notifications.

You can save time by scheduling alerts and notifications of your online assistant’s activity. Furthermore, you can schedule calls with your virtual assistant in and out of the workplace due to its phone accessibility.

Additionally, you can create discussion channels to share ideas and project outlines.


  • It allows you to check your virtual assistant’s progress in real time.
  • You can send instant messages and open discussion channels for better communication.
  • You can exchange files and use Slack’s brainstorming feature for.


  • The price plans can be expensive for a small team.

Overall, Slack is just an awesome too. It is so much more than a messaging platform. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s probably time to give their free trial a go.

Best for Project Management – Asana

Asana is fantastic for managing projects with your virtual assistants. You can observe their activities on a single graph in the app. You can also create unlimited assignment sheets for your online assistants.

Also, you can add collaborators for better communication. Furthermore, Asana creates reporting dashboards to track your VAs and check whether they are achieving their goals. It’s really easy to see which projects are on track and which aren’t and then make the necessary adjustments.


  • You can use Asana for free if you have a small team.
  • You get excellent visuals of your virtual assistants’ progress charts.


  • Although you can add collaborators who can view the task, you can not assign a task to more than one person.
  • You can not track your virtual assistants’ progress in real time.

In summary, Asana is brilliant. I find that the layout, especially in board format, makes things easy to see and move around. Give it a go!

Best for Communication – Zoom and WhatsApp

These are the most used apps for business and personal reasons. You can communicate with your VA on a one-to-one basis with them.


The app has become the go-to platform for remote workplaces. You can arrange video calls with your online assistant for detailed discussions that can not be done via text or audio.

You can keep a record of your communication by recording your calls. Also, you can manage your routine by timing the calls. You will disconnect as soon as your time is up. Finally, the screen-sharing feature can make calls more meaningful.

  • You can use Zoom for free if you own a small business.
  • It’s easy to use
  • You must buy an expensive plan if you don’t want time-limited calls.
  • You can not send meeting objectives or call invitations.

I can’t believe anyone reading this is not a regular user of Zoom. One feature I really like about Zoom is setting up automated recordings that are then stored in the cloud. That makes it really easy to refer back to things in the future, if required.


This app is unique because of its unlimited text, voice notes, and calling options. You can easily manage a small team or a single virtual assistant by making a group. You can be sure of data protection because all your activities are end-to-end encrypted.

You can also create a chat room here from your Facebook Messenger. It is an excellent option for communicating with VAs who can not access WhatsApp.

  • You can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • You get unlimited communication options with this app.
  • You can only handle small teams here.
  • You don’t get business management tools with this app.

WhatsApp seems simple but is actually very powerful for small teams. If you are using something else, then have a think about whether WhatsApp may be a good alternative or not.

Best for Time Tracking – Hubstaff

I don’t like micromanaging or following a virtual assistant’s every move. It’s important to empower them to do great work and build trust over time. BUT using a time tracking app can help you optimize the team’s performance by identifying time-wasting activities and paying fairly.

Just be aware that using a time tracking app should only be used as a guide – these tools can be manipulated and there are other ways of measuring performance (such as whether your VA is actually completing their objectives each week).


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can view your team’s productivity via graphs and make informed decisions on assigning responsibilities.


Are Apps for Managing Virtual Assistants Expensive?

The answer is yes and no. Although every app has a paid version with more specifications, you can get a free version, too. Whether you want more features or not depends on your requirements and team size.

You can use WhatsApp and Zoom for free if your online assistant does simple tasks and has a flexible pay structure. However, you can buy other apps if you require advanced management features. Overall, they are not expensive if they are going to help you achieve more.


Other tips for managing virtual assistants

Other Tips for Managing Virtual Assistants

Using apps for managing virtual assistants is not some kind of magical solution. I also suggest you:

  • Set clear expectations – Discuss all the aspects of the tasks. Also, be specific about deadlines.
  • Keep an open communication line – VAs can get distracted for several reasons, so you must maintain accessible contact lines.
  • Give feedback – very important to help them improve their performance.
  • Don’t think of them as task-doers – Your virtual assistants are human beings just like your other team members.


Using apps for managing virtual assistants can help you become more efficient. They enable you to easily identify who is a great team player and who isn’t, and work with your VAs to help them improve their performance over time.


  • Looking to scale your business more quickly?
  • Are you overloaded with administrative tasks?
  • Would you like to free up more time for business strategy?

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