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How There is Talent Compares to Other Virtual Assistant Services

There is Talent

In recent years companies have realized the benefits offered by virtual assistants. However, we know that choosing the right virtual assistant services is not so easy. This is because every company has different needs.

On the one hand, some companies prefer bilingual virtual assistants while others prefer only English speaking virtual assistants. Some are driven by the price of virtual assistant services. Others are driven by the time zone, plans, skills offered, and more. It’s a never-ending list of requirements that virtual assistants must meet. And like everything else in this world, “there’s no such thing as too much fun”.

This is why we compare There Is Talent with some of the best known virtual assistant services such as Virtual Latinos, UAssist.Me, UpWork and Fiverr, to help you choose the best virtual assistance service.

Know what you’re getting; comparing virtual assistant services

There Is Talent

There Is Talent is based in Bogotá, Colombia. We offer tailored virtual assistance and outsourcing services for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs in the U.S. who need to reduce their workload. Not only we do provide a way to save time, but also a great way to save money!

We offer monthly plans with transparent prices:

  • Monthly Plan: 10 hours/week at $399 per month, 20 hours/week at $699, and 40 hours/week at $1299.

You can choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.

In addition, we offer savvy virtual assistants for marketing, business, SEO, management, real estate, customer support, technical support, and much more. All our virtual assistants are fully bilingual and work in the US time zone.

There is Talent

Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos is a platform focused on connecting entrepreneurs, teams and agencies from the U.S., Canada and the world with virtual assistants and virtual marketers from Latin America. Their virtual assistants work in Latin America with the same time zone or minimal time-difference with the U.S.

Virtual Latinos offers 2 ways to hire virtual assistants

  • Through the Virtual Latinos agency: at least 40 hours per month, which is about 10 hours per week, starting at $8/hour.
  • Through Virtual Latino’s directory: Memberships to hire from their directory starting at $3/day/assistant, paid quarterly.

Virtual assistants are bilingual and are classified as basic, specialist, and expert virtual assistants.


Fiverr is a platform that connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 300+ categories, including virtual assistant services. A service offered on Fiverr is called a gig. You must register with Fiverr to purchase services. Although signing up for Fiverr is free, it is not a platform exclusively for virtual assistant services like There Is Talent or Virtual Latinos. Therefore, you have to spend a little more time finding the virtual assistant that best suits your needs.

Freelance virtual assistants are available starting at $5/hour. They work in different time zones, including the U.S. time zone. If you need to find a bilingual virtual assistant, you must specify it in the search options.


UpWork is a web-based platform that brings visibility and trust to remote work. It provides 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of work. UpWork is similar to Fiverr. It is a freelance work platform in which you must register to hire virtual assistant services

Freelance virtual assistants are available starting at $5/hour. They work in different time zones, including the U.S. time zones. If you need to find a bilingual virtual assistant, you must specify it in the search options.

virtual assistant services


UAssist.Me provides virtual assistance to professionals in many different areas, including technology, real estate, consultancy, designers, developers, advertising, personal assistance, and more. It is a company based in El Salvador and can adapt work to any U.S. or Canadian time zones.

Virtual assistance services are available in three plans:

  • 20-hour plan: $399/month
  • shared assistant: $959/month
  • full-time assistant: $1,598/month

UAssist.Me offers college-educated bilingual virtual assistants. Their motto is “Not Offshoring, but Nearshoring” because the dollar (USD) is their official currency and virtual assistants work in the U.S. time zones.

What is the best virtual assistant service?

We have already presented a comparison between the virtual assistant services. Now it is time to choose.

If you need to hire a virtual assistant, we recommend that you hire a virtual assistant services agency and not a freelance agency like UpWork or Fiverr. This is because agencies like There Is Talent know what your needs are and how the work of a virtual assistant is. By hiring a virtual assistance agency you will have more guarantees regarding the process of recruiting, hiring and managing the virtual assistant. In addition, rates are usually more consistent and flexible in terms of hours worked per week or month.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to hire virtual assistants from Latin America since they work in the U.S. time zone. More importantly, virtual assistants from Colombia offer other advantages such as the neutral accent of Bogota, the friendly personality of Colombians, their similarities with the North American culture, and their experience with the US and Canadian markets.

In addition, virtual assistant services from Latin America are usually more economical, this without compromising the quality of service. In addition, you will find virtual assistants with knowledge in digital marketing, business, customer support, content creation, and much more.

For all these reasons, we recommend you hire the services of a virtual assistance agency such as There Is Talent to be more productive and grow your business. If you are ready to do so, please book a call with our CEO Claudia Real.


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