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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant in Your Time Zone

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Growing a business is a challenge that never really disappears and one of those challenges can be outsourcing, especially if you are doing it to off-shore people, because, usually it represents time zone problems.

Once you start to grow your business, you may start feeling overwhelmed with the many tasks that come with it.

You may be so busy working on the activities of your business that you ignore many of the newest trends and innovations your business could take advantage of. The information generated daily is overwhelming and sometimes it becomes too much to handle.

If you are the founder of a start-up, business, or even working on your own personal project such as a vlog, blog, or podcast, you may understand what I mean. You barely have time to talk to your relatives and you have so much on your plate! So, why not outsource some tasks to a virtual assistant?

During this pandemic, if there is one thing we have learned is that most businesses thrive because they adapt to the events that are happening in the environment around us. Businesses have to learn to act fast on changes. The world lives in constant change and it is worth keeping up with it. A virtual assistant can help you do that.

Once you have identified the need for a virtual assistant, you may want to consider the importance of worldwide time difference when hiring a VA overseas.

The time zone advantage

Virtual assistants are independent workers who work remotely. You hire them to help you with whatever task you need to complete. Therefore, the time zone in which a virtual assistant is located is crucial for your business.

If you are in the United States, working on your business or project, you may prefer to hire a virtual assistant located in a similar time zone. If this is the case, you should consider looking for VAs in Latin America. Not only are there many qualified candidates in the region, but the time zone will be a huge advantage for you. The many benefits of hiring a VA within your time zone are listed below.

Communicating with your VA in the same time zone

When you hire a virtual assistant, you want to make sure that they are doing the best job they can and you also want to be present in case they have a question or a problem. You want to be able to communicate with them at any time to be on track of things. This may become a challenge and even an obstacle if you and your VA are in different time zones.

Additionally, instead of wanting a virtual assistant to deliver the result of a task, you may want to work with them on a project at the very same time. By being in similar time zones meetings and calls will be at decent times during the day, and you will not have to stay up late or wake up very early to talk to your VA.

Lack of communication with your VA will result in very slow growth and productivity.

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Consistent collaboration due to time zone

This point is similar to the last one. When you hire someone, you want to be able to trust that that person will do the best they can to help you and your business. But if you and your virtual assistant are located in very different time zones, gaining trust may be a challenge. Just staying in contact might be difficult.

A consistent collaboration as well as communication will make it easier for your business to succeed and for tasks to be completed quicker and hustle free.

time zone VAs

Avoid presence disparity

Presence disparity arises when your feeling of the present is different to the present of your virtual assistant. By working with a VA in Latin America you will be able to avoid presence disparity and your version of the present will be the same as your VAs. Additionally, they will be available whenever you are.

Bottom line

By hiring a virtual assistant in Latin America, you will feel as if the VA were based locally, in your own state or hometown. The time zone will not impede progress, meetings, or coordination and your VA will be available for you, whenever you are.

By contacting us, you tell us what you want in a VA and we will find the perfect match.

We are a company based in Colombia which means that we are able to work according to your schedule as we share similar time zones.


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