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Why a Nearshore VA Is The Best Option for US Entrepreneurs


A nearshore VA is a great asset to American businesses due to the geographic proximity, similar time zones, and minimum cultural barriers.

When you start a business, you might want to manage everything by yourself, but after a while, you understand that it’s not  physically possible.

At some point, you must delegate tasks to people or departments, and what you could do is spend time ensuring that the tasks are being fulfilled in the best way for the operation and growth of your company.

Once the process of task delegation has begun, you must take into account the best candidates to fulfill an efficient execution of the tasks.

It is very understandable that some people have a special attachment to certain ways of doing things; however, it is important to consider what is best for your company even if it is not necessarily your first choice.

With a more open mind and the will to make necessary adaptations, you may start looking for the right people to hire and find yourself with an incredible and sometimes overwhelming offer to cover the needs of your company.

A Nearshore VA, The Best Outsourcing Asset For Your Company

Outsourcing represents one of the biggest benefits for your company, especially when you are starting to grow.

There are many tasks that become impossible to do without the help of other people but are necessary for the maintenance of your business base. So if you want to keep growing, the main thing is to take care of those tasks.

In this sense, one of the best options when outsourcing is virtual assistants.

But not just any VA as you surely don’t want some random person who simply represents less cost for your company. What you need is a staff that represents the best cost-quality relationship.

That is why we focus on a specific proposal for you: a nearshore VA.

US entrepreneurs

A nearshore VA is someone who represents the best of both on-shore and off-shore outsourcing options. Here we explain why:

What Does an On-Shore Virtual Assistant Offers?

All virtual assistants are great for keeping your company’s organization up to date. Whether they are performing administrative, accounting, marketing, or specific tasks according to your company’s needs, virtual assistants are a mix of personal assistants and specialized professionals on your team.

When you have a virtual assistant you can forget about having to organize agendas, worrying about keeping your books up to date, having to post daily, or creating content for your online presence. Your virtual assistant can perform various tasks to support you with all the necessary and basic things in your company.

The main benefit that an on-shore virtual assistant offers is that they are people with the same culture and probably the same time zone. What is not so good about outsourcing to an on-shore virtual assistant is the cost that it represents in comparison with off-shore and near-shore virtual assistants.

What Are Off-Shore Virtual Assistants?

All those outside the continent, in countries like India and the Philippines. Virtual assistants in those countries are the most sought after because they represent a fraction of the cost of an on-shore virtual assistant. And over the years, these outsourcing professionals have become increasingly specialized.

We know that thanks to the demand for outsourcing, the population in India and the Philippines has been preparing more and more to deliver the best service and to make sure that U.S. companies and entrepreneurs look to them as the best option.

What they have against them is the time zone, because you can have up to 12-hour differences, which is ideal to attend certain types of businesses when nightshift personnel is required, for example. But if what you are looking for is an assistant with whom you can communicate throughout your working day, maybe they are not your best option.

off shore virtual assistant

What Does a Nearshore VA Offers?

A nearshore virtual assistant is a professional who has the specific skills that your business requires and who also, thanks to the geographical proximity, is quite familiar with the American culture and its speed in the business world. For the U.S., a nearshore virtual assistant represents a person who lives in countries like Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, or Nicaragua.

Nearshore virtual assistants are located in the same time zones as the US, which promotes better communication and task monitoring.

It means that you can stop thinking about how to organize your schedule in order to communicate with your virtual assistant and that you will not have to pay any night charges (like you might have to pay an assistant in the Philippines if you want her to work during your own working hours).

Because if you think about it, what was the purpose of outsourcing in the first place? It probably had to do with improving the cost-quality ratio for your business.

So why would you be paying for night shifts or extras when you can count on perfectly trained people to work in the same or similar time zone?

Don’t get caught up in all the difficulties in your company. At There is Talent, you can find everything you are looking for and more.

Book a call right now with our director, Claudia, and start your journey towards a better quality of life, reducing workload, and improving your time management with a nearshore virtual assistant!


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