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Top 10 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Outsource tasks

Your business only has so much time, energy, and manpower. If you try to do all tasks on your own, at some point you will end up exhausting your resources.

Now, what should you outsource?

We’ve already talked about the importance of outsourcing to boost business growth.

It’s a simple formula, even if not everyone knows how to apply it.

Start Whit The Basics

First, it is important to establish the goal you want to achieve in your company. To do so, you can focus on using basic tools such as SMART goals.

Once you have established your SMART goals, it is time to define the necessary tasks to achieve those goals in the established time frame. From here you will take the repetitive but necessary tasks to maintain your strategic plan, and this is the space where your virtual assistant enters the picture.

Ok, so you have established the tasks that you need to delegate to focus on some other details like evaluating progress and adjusting the tools to reach your goal projection.

Now, you need to hire a person who will take care of these tasks as soon as possible, so you go to our most used friend Google, to find the place that will connect you with whom you need.

You are flooded with information and suddenly you don’t know where to start. In this case, we recommend you consider the qualities you should look for in a virtual assistant.

Okay, you realize that you know how the virtual assistant you want to hire looks like but you still have doubts about the tasks they can perform, and it is completely understandable because there are virtual assistants for every task that can be outsourced.

So, let’s take a look at some of them:

#1 Administrative tasks

Data entry, agenda management, transcription, file organization, among others, are tasks that are essential for the proper functioning of the company but you do not necessarily need to do them yourself.

#2 Customer Service

All businesses, no matter what they are doing, all involve people as customers, so it will always be necessary to solve doubts or problems related to the purchase of your product or service.
A VA is an excellent opportunity to cover this important area without losing the essence of your business.


Customer service tasks

#3 Website Tasks

The design, maintenance, and development of your website is an important part of creating an image and authority online. Your virtual assistant can be an ideal person for this type of task when you are starting your business or when you want to redesign your image.

#4 Social Media Marketing

Reputation monitoring design and management of advertising campaigns, metrics analysis, newsletter creation, content calendar creation, interaction monitoring, and strategy adjustment are some of the tasks your virtual assistant can take care of.

#5 Research Tasks

Depending on what information your virtual assistant needs to collect, it may take more or less time, but in general, research can cover topics such as demographics, competitor research, statistics to support the content you share, keyword research, and more.

#6 Community Management

The importance of maintaining an online presence is more relevant now than ever before, so you want to spend some time listening to what your audience is saying, interacting with your customers, and encouraging them to visit your site or platform where your content is located.

#7 Content Tasks

There are some virtual assistants who are specialized in creating content and can help you create your E-Books to generate lead magnets, specializing in guest blogging, ghostwriting, copywriting, and blog posts.

VAs tasks

#8 Audio and video editing

Your assistant can help you edit your YouTube videos or equalize your podcast recording.

Most virtual assistants are focused on one type of task.

You may have a person who knows how to edit videos but they not necessarily know about audio editing.

Although sometimes you can find yourself with the fortune of audiovisual experts.

#9 Sales Tasks

A VA can contact potential clients, do follow-up, contact recovery, and promoting sales closure.

In addition, if we are talking about online stores, your VA can also be in charge of managing your inventory, checking orders, and making sure that orders are delivered correctly.

#10 Personal Errands

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable when they incorporate tasks that are not related to the business but to personal aspects.

Scheduling appointments, making reservations at a restaurant, shopping online, sending packages, might be some of them.

As a business owner, you can have more time for your company if a VA takes care of those tasks.

The time you can use to devote to the most important aspects of your life.

And if within all this it is also possible not to have to worry about forgetting to make reservations for that special night, well, then a virtual assistant that takes care of that is most welcome and kept close.

After all, your virtual assistant is here to make your life easier.

What are you waiting for to hire your VA?


  • Looking to scale your business more quickly?
  • Are you overloaded with administrative tasks?
  • Would you like to free up more time for business strategy?

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