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Grow your Real Estate Business With VAs Trained in Sierra Interactive!

VAs trained in Sierra Interactive

The real estate business is constantly changing and you know you need to take advantage of the best tools to create a difference. Having trained VAs at Sierra Interactive can be one of the best strategies to help you grow!

Real estate virtual assistants are becoming more educated every day on how to use the most effective tools. It is no coincidence that many of our clients use the same type of tools. In this case, Sierra Interactive.

What is Sierra Interactive?

On their website, it says “it’s a complete real estate technology platform created to help agents, teams, and brokers close more deals.”

Which sounds wonderful, right? But what makes Sierra Interactive such an effective platform?

First, it’s important to mention that its CEO and founder is Ben Peskoe. A well-known and experienced developer whose skills have helped deliver one of the fastest and cleanest website experiences out there.

Secondly, we should note that Sierra Interactive is focused on getting a high ROI. It does this by offering features that make it easy for users to use at all times.

If we keep checking their website, we can see at least 5 top reviews. They also have over 1000 satisfied customers in North America.

Our biggest proof is the testimonials from our own customers!

What services does Sierra Interactive offer?

This powerful platform is designed to convert prospects into customers and support the entire end-to-end process.

Sierra Interactive focuses on three main services: Websites, CRM and Ads Management.

Sierra Interactive Website VAs

Real Estate Websites

Offers one of the most powerful content management systems for real estate websites in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features:

1. SEO that helps you rank organically and effectively.

2. Mobile responsive to take advantage of the mobile traffic that makes up about 60% of the total traffic.

3. Featured Searches: creating quick, featured searches for high-interest properties.

4. Community Pages: This allows you to build a site rich in local content with no limits on the number of pages you can build.

5. Landing Pages: helps you build them quickly looking to convert campaign traffic into new opportunities for your business.

6. Section manager: you can structure your site according to the requirements of your market.

7. Sidebar Manager: This allows you to build custom sidebars for each section or page of your site. This way you can display specific community links and featured vendor partners.

8. Agency Manager: This allows you to have full control over how agents and other team members appear on your site.

9. Blog: to share unique content from local blogs and help you further position yourself as a market expert and influencer.

CRM for Real Estate

“The Sierra CRM is incredibly flexible and comprehensive. It serves its purpose in helping you effectively move deals through your sales pipeline and then get out of your way.” – Sierra Interactive

Indeed Sierra Interactive’s CRM is one of the most effective, helping you stay on top of your prospect list and on the lookout for sales opportunities.

Let’s review its main features:

1. Automatic listing updates (Auto E-Alerts): This allows you to configure Sierra to assign listing alerts to site visitors upon registration.

2. Action plans: they are fully customizable according to the communication strategies with prospects and customers you prefer to program.

3. Drip campaigns: it’s integrated with the platform, so you won’t need to spend money on a third-party drip marketing tool.

4. Text messages: can be triggered based on events or sent manually with a real estate virtual assistant.

5. Voicemails: This allows you to record and store messages in the Sierra backend. These can be used to send to one or more clients at a time.

6. On-site messages: This allows you to customize messages for your customers so that when they return to your website, they will receive a welcome message.

Real Estate Ads Management

Sierra Interactive supports you with effective lead generation strategies through multiple channels. Therefore, it maintains integration with Google and Facebook so you can manage advertising campaigns with a high ROI.

The main features include:

1. Google Search Ads that enable a great balance between cost and quality leads.

2. Transparent reporting so you know with certainty what your ad budget is focused on and know what’s working.

3. Proven and effective advertising framework.

How Can VAs Trained in Sierra Interactive  Support You?

Now that you know the main features of the services offered by Sierra Interactive you may wonder how a VA can support you.

If you have not worked with virtual assistants in the past, you may have many questions, especially for the real estate industry. You have probably heard of Inside Sales Agents because they have been the most sought-after in the market. However, today we have specialized Real Estate Virtual Assistants that know your needs.

Virtual Real Estate Assistants usually have a solid knowledge of CRM, outbound call handling, among others. The main difference between ISAs and VAs is that VAs usually offer a wider range of services.

VAs trained at Sierra Interactive, for example, are people who by the very qualities of the platform can handle many areas. We are talking about customer service, preparation of advertising campaigns, data entry, and much more!

VAs trained in Sierra Interactive

What Tasks VAs Trained in Sierra Interactive Can Do?

It all depends on what your needs, focus, or preferences are. Sierra Interactive trained VAs can focus on a single type of service or multiple ones

The VAs trained at Sierra Interactive can support you with website management by configuring the structure, optimizing the texts, creating featured searches, among others.

Or let’s say you prefer to focus on CRM. Then your virtual assistant can configure the site to show new registrations. It can also help you personalize messages to your customers or send text messages as event reminders.

If you have VAs trained in Sierra Interactive to manage advertising campaigns, they can help you by designing and configuring the campaigns. Tracking results and adjusting accordingly.

Hiring VAs Trained in Sierra Interactive

We know that it is not easy to get quality remote staff and many times there are fiascos. That is why There is Talent exists as an agency that guarantees the quality of its virtual assistants.

We filter through the large number of offers that exist and choose only the best. Our real estate virtual assistants are a clear example of this. And thanks to the demand of clients using Sierra Interactive, we have developed training spaces to offer you top VAs.

With our VAs trained in Sierra Interactive, you not only count on the same services offered by Inside Sales Agents; you also count on constant monitoring to ensure the best results.

Are you ready to boost your business with VAs trained in Sierra Interactive?

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