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Customer Service: The Key to Build Trust

Trust Customer Service

Customer Service Provides a Great Opportunity to Enhance Trust

Customer Service departments are critical to every company when it comes to building trust. Let’s think for a moment about what trust is according to academic research: “Trust is the willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of another based on the expectation that the other will perform a particular action important to the trustor, regardless of the ability to monitor or control that other party.”

Clearly, trust is not something that is built overnight, but customer service provides an opportunity for all brands to reinforce their image in every customer interaction.

Building Trust Through Customer Service

In customer service, trust is based on some important considerations:


We are talking about the experience and knowledge you have about the solution to the problems posed by the customer.


The ability of the business to respond to its customers with consistency.


This is with regards to how we demonstrate to our customers that we care about their issues. Customer service is a critical department in any business because it can help the customer in vulnerable times.

These are the moments when anxiety takes over and they need reassurance.

Customer Support Agents

Anxiety, Pandemic, and Customer Service

A very competitive and changing world can create situations that are highly anxiety-inducing, especially in areas such as economics and health.

There is a lot of anxiety in the business world due to the commotion caused by the pandemic.

Restrictions all over the world generated uncertainty and anxiety among business owners, employees, customers, suppliers, and investors.

A lot of companies were damaged financially as a result of their inability to deliver quality and immediate service to their customers.

Looking for Savings in Customer Service

We have seen the economic activity resume with more certainty after having gone through uncertain times in business.

Many entrepreneurs are focusing on keeping costs low enough and they are starting to rely more and more on technological solutions such as bots for their customer service departments. However, this is not necessarily something that is helping them.

According to a study by Michelle A. Shell and Ryan W. Buell from the Harvard Business School, we can see that technology channels for customer service can lead to an increase in other channels. So instead of solving customers’ problems with a single channel, they have to use other channels to solve their questions or make them feel that their needs are being met.

That can lead to a cost increase in the long term. This is precisely what entrepreneurs sought to avoid and it is what ultimately happened.

Taking Care of the Customer is The Goal

The study also indicates that customer services are becoming so impersonal that consumers may decide not to use a company’s services or products.

Customers need to feel cared for, they need to feel that they are important to the company that is providing services or products; if they don’t find this, they are likely to go to a competitor that does provide comfort and security when they need it most.

This is why a bot can never deliver customer service as well as a human; and ultimately, a bot cannot help you build trust, at least not for now.

Latin Customer Service Agents

Latin Remote Workforce for Customer Service

The problem often arises when thinking about staffing costs. Since the pandemic, remote teams have become more common. Often, they are more productive than team members who work on-site.

The remote worker has incredible benefits such as the security of working from home, saving time and money since they don’t need to commute to an office; moreover, remote Latino workers benefit from having a competitive salary compared with what they would earn on their own currency.

U.S. employers save money and have teams in the same time zone by working with remote teams in Latin America.

Great Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized American Companies

In Latin America, the BPO world is growing more than ever and large American companies are finding a gold mine; however, this isn’t the case for all small and medium-sized businesses, since many are treated to expensive and lengthy contracts.

At There is Talent we have a really competitive offer for them. Our team consists of customer service agents with experience in inbound and outbound calls, chats, and emails. They are fully bilingual and understand the importance of providing quality customer experiences. Among the many functions they perform are customer retention, loyalty, upsells, and cross-sales.

If today you want to take advantage of the opportunity to have quality teams and save on hiring costs, health insurance, vacations, computers, desks, and accessories, book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start building a quality team to enhance the trust of your customers!


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