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Why You Should Hire a Virtual Project Manager

Virtual Project Manager

What is a virtual project manager?

A virtual project manager is a more specialized form of virtual assistant, someone who has experience managing projects (as the name suggests!) and coordinating and motivating a team. Just as is the case for their office-based counterparts, project managers identify project goals, needs, and scope. They can help with planning, monitoring, and -importantly- recording KPIs.

Rui Manuel Pereira, editor of DataDrivenInvestor, tells us that ¨Project management is an essential skill for any business or organization, but it isn’t always easy to master. It takes a special kind of individual to be a successful project manager.”

So, it is very important to choose correctly the person who will be in charge of directing, coordinating, and managing your company’s project. This will be the person who brings it all together. And that means that it is very important to define the role of your virtual project manager carefully at the outset.

Virtual Project Manager

Why do you need a virtual project manager?

If you have a remote team that consists of more than a few people, then you’ll know just how difficult it is to keep tabs on what everyone is working on, how they are progressing, and how what an individual is doing coincides with team goals. This is where the virtual project manager comes in.  A virtual project manager is able to manage remote teams and make sure they are on track, in other words, manage each individual’s performance. In addition, they are able to manage a range of different projects that are underway at the same time, and help the team to prioritize, keep everything moving in the right direction, and make sure deadlines are adhered to.

So, if you feel that you simply don’t have the time to keep track of all of your projects and all of your team members, then it might be time to consider hiring a virtual project manager.

What tasks can a virtual project manager perform?

A virtual project manager can perform a range of tasks from traditional management to implementing Agile Scrum methodologies to drive projects forward. Here are a few examples of specific tasks they can help with:

Organization and Planning

A virtual project manager has the role of planning and executing each project in an organized, and effective way. They also need to determine the resources and the help that will be needed in order to meet all the required criteria.

Having someone that takes care of this, makes the company follow a structured and coherent line of work when executing the projects and meeting deadlines.

Efficient Resource Management

As mentioned before, a virtual project manager is clear about the resources that will be required for each project. This means quantity and quality of personnel, budget, time, and material resources. Consequently, efficiently reducing waste leads to increased performance and productivity for the company.

Adapting to Change

Business and work life is not perfect, thousands of mishaps and problems can happen that slow down or stop planned projects. Often these challenges involve unexpected changes and challenges, and a lot of work under pressure. A project manager has the ability to withstand and turn these changes in favor of the company, and also adjust the direction of the project as needed to achieve the end goals.

Virtual Project Manager

Virtual Project Managers as a Bridge to the CEO or Founder

If you are a founder or CEO, then I’m sure you will appreciate the value of someone who can collate lots of information from different individuals and projects. This is exactly what a project manager can do and this can be one of the main benefits of hiring one. They can coordinate, highlight, update, and even advise.

Don’t think about it any longer. It’s time to make your life easier and give your company a productivity boost!

Where can you find a Virtual Project Manager?

At There is Talent, we connect CEOs, founders, business owners, and corporate executives with virtual project managers based in Latin America. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you and your business, click below to book a meeting with Claudia.


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