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Why Virtual Assistants in Colombia are your Best Option

Virtual Assistants in Colombia

Virtual Assistants in Colombia represent the best in the market in terms of cost, quality, and time zone. In recent years we have seen how many American companies have found in Colombia the best talent of Latin America. This is a simple result of government policies that promote the investment of foreign capital for the improvement of the economic system. This has generated an activation in the market of professionals looking for better job offers.

Getting to Know Virtual Assistants in Colombia

As we mentioned before, many American companies have come to Colombia to stay; in particular, the BPO industry. This has represented the gateway to the virtual world for many Colombians who yearn for a better quality of life.

Regarding the above, it is also important to clarify that not everyone has the possibility to maintain a remote job. With the arrival of subtle normality in the country, many companies began to work in person.

The demand for a return to the office rather than negotiating hybrid work policies has generated a strong rejection. This has led to hundreds of resignations in mainly technology companies.

This is when we see the importance of remote work for the population and why there has been a boom of Virtual Assistants in Colombia.

What Characterizes Virtual Assistants in Colombia?

Colombian talent is constantly preparing itself to find better job offers

First of all, it is important to emphasize that Colombia keeps updated on labor trends in the world; this promotes the updating of courses and specialties provided by educational institutions. For example, the Politécnico Grancolombiano, published the positions that will be most in-demand during 2022:

– Analysts and data scientists.
– Artificial intelligence specialists.
– Sales and marketing professionals.
– Software developer.
– Growth hacker or growth marketing specialist.
– SEO or search engine expert.
– Digital content creator: copywriter, YouTuber, Instagrammer, or blogger.
– Customer experience manager or experience manager.

This was done based on the World Economic Forum The Future of Jobs Report, and the LinkedIn platform.

Virtual Assistants in Colombia

Customer service comes naturally in Colombia

It is no secret that Latinos in general are very friendly people and this facilitates their work in customer service positions.

Colombians in particular are also characterized by a high sense of commitment and quality in their work.

You will undoubtedly want to have a friendly and empathetic professional helping your customers; after all, it is critical that they know how important they are to your business.

The average Colombian is tech-savvy

Studies indicate that 69.1% of the Colombian population uses the internet on a daily basis, and the average connection is 55 Mb/s. This facilitates the opportunities for the average Colombian to find and keep a virtual job.

Likewise, we can find that the average Colombian is skilled in the management of virtual tools. We can find a wide range of hard skills focused on virtual work in Colombians.

Virtual Assistants and their Benefits for American Businesses

Virtual assistants represent one of the best investments you can make to help grow your business.

In 2020, we realized how important it is to work with remote teams, as well as how they can be just as productive as in-person teams. In this sense, when it comes time to delegate, it is critical to choose the best talent to leverage your business.

We know that virtual assistants are now available worldwide through agencies and websites. However, for an American business, there is no better option than virtual assistants in Colombia.

Virtual Assistants in Colombia represent competitive costs

Research conducted by Wipro Consulting indicated that Latin America offers a worldwide salary reduction opportunity through salary arbitrage of approximately 30% compared to Western Europe and the United States, with the most favorable cost-benefit ratio being offered by Colombia and Argentina. However, at this time, Argentina does not have an economy as stable as Colombia’s; this makes Colombia the best option in Latin America in terms of costs.

Virtual Assistants in Colombia

Colombia’s time zone facilitates communication

In Colombia, the time zone is -5 UTC, and depending on the month there are minimal differences from the US time zone. This greatly facilitates communication between American executives and their virtual assistants in Colombia. Especially when compared to the time difference between Asian virtual assistants and American businesses.

Time equals money for Virtual Assistants in Colombia as well

Most virtual assistants in Colombia work under independent contractor agreements. This modality allows them to earn according to the hours worked; thus, the time that virtual assistants invest to make money, is time that you earn. And it is worth remembering how easy it is for entrepreneurs to waste time on tasks.

That is why this is one of the biggest benefits when it comes to hiring virtual assistants; you free yourself from tasks and your virtual assistant has a better job opportunity.

How to get Virtual Assistants in Colombia?

Earlier we mentioned that nowadays you can get virtual assistants anywhere in the world. However, one of the safest and most effective ways is through agencies like There is Talent.

Here we try to make the ideal match for American employers with virtual assistants in Colombia. It is our intention to not only help our clients with their busy schedules but also to provide better opportunities for Colombian talent.

If you want to learn more about our services, you can visit our monthly plans.

Be sure to follow us on our social networks to keep up to date with any updates.

If you want to start your journey to a better working relationship with skilled and quality talent, schedule a strategic call today!

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