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Why Should I Choose a Latino Virtual Assistant Over Other Options?

Latino Assistant

We believe hiring a Latino Virtual Assistant is one of the best business decisions you can make.

We know this may seem like an outrageous statement, but we will explain why.

You’ll see, working with Latino VAs, we have found that they are very tech-savvy and have a high English level; besides, if they lack knowledge, they are willing to receive training for your specific needs.

Additionally, Latin American countries are geographically close to the U.S., making them familiar with American culture; a Latino virtual assistant is more prone to get along with American entrepreneurs than off-shore VAs.

Let’s take a quick review to understand this more in-depth.

Outsourcing through the years

In the 1990s, large American companies began to outsource IT services and developments to India.

India was already in charge of outsourcing the manufacturing of many food and electronic items, among others.

Add to this the fact that India was a British colony until 1947, making English part of their culture; now we have a mix of factors that made India the top choice for outsourcing products or services.

However, over the years, another country began to emerge as an option to this (almost) monopoly: The Philippines.

Philippine labor became a source of cheap labor for American companies.

Since the Philippines was a US colony until 1946, the language became part of Filipino culture.

But the reality is that the Philippines also present some adverse climatic aspects.  Specifically, typhoon season, which can be a detriment towards the electrical services needed to provide the work.

Instead, Latin America has been slowly becoming a new hotspot for U.S. companies looking for quality work and good prices.

latino virtual assistant

Let’s take a look at why a Latino virtual assistant is your best option:

#1 The Digital Transformation in Latin America Benefits American Businesses

About a decade ago, a transformation began taking place in Latin America hand in hand with technology and the new necessities of companies.

It is no secret that many American companies have had problems with time zones when outsourcing to India or the Philippines (unless they are covering night shifts), and on-shore labor tends to cost double or triple compared to off-shore outsourcing.

As a result, Latin America has emerged as the latest trend among U.S. companies of all sizes.

To meet this demand, Latin American governments developed inclusion policies to facilitate processes between American companies and Latin American countries.

The education system has also been adapting to the economic needs of the country.

Today, we see more and more emphasis on bilingual schools, and higher education focused on preparing citizens to respond to the demand in the BPO sector.

#2 A Latino Virtual Assistant Works in U.S. Time Zones

One of the biggest reasons to choose a Latino Virtual Assistant over off-shore options such as Filipino or Indian VAs is that as an American business owner you will have a better chance to diminish communication barriers because of the similar time zones between Latin America and the U.S.

Among the 4 time zones found in the USA, we can observe that the biggest difference exists with Pacific time and this is only 3 hours if we take into account countries such as Colombia, where our main office is located.

Taking into account the similarity in time zones, labor costs, and quality of work, among other details, we can affirm that Latino virtual assistants are definitely your best option.

Let’s continue reviewing why.

#3 The Geographic Proximity of a Latino Virtual Assistant Facilitates their Integration with Your Team

Latino virtual assistants are the neighbors of North America and have always been familiar with American culture.

Latin American nations often use development models that are influenced by American culture. Many capitals also borrow American ideas.

Likewise, the geographic proximity has provided the facility for many to complement their professional studies in the USA.

Some others born in Latin America grew up in the U.S., and then returned to their native countries.

Most people working in the BPO sector have had contact with the American industry in some way or another; that makes it easier for a Latino virtual assistant to integrate with your team.

integration latin virtual assistant

#4 A Latino Virtual Assistant Wants to Grow Along With Your Business

A Latino virtual assistant wants to improve her skills. They want to learn more and provide quality work for their clients; despite the fact that this mindset applies to any committed worker, a Latino virtual assistant is someone who has found a great opportunity working for American entrepreneurs and is not willing to miss it.

This happens mostly because, in Latin America, there are many professionals who do not receive a salary compensation commensurate with their studies.

It is very common to see professionals developing careers in the BPO industry because they receive better pay than working in their own professions.

In this way, many professionals begin to climb the corporate ladder, starting as customer service, support, or sales agents and moving up based on merit and performance.

#5 Freelance Lifestyle is The New Great Trend for a Latino Virtual Assistant

Freelancers are growing worldwide as more and more companies are basing their services in the cloud.

In this way, every company has everything needed to work with freelancers located anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a good internet connection.

It’s also important to highlight that the freelancer lifestyle is full of benefits both for the client and the freelancer, as we have mentioned in other articles.

The freelancer or more specifically, a Latino virtual assistant is not an employee, this means you can say goodbye to any costs related to the hiring of employees such as health insurance payments, vacations, work equipment, among others.

The Bottom Line

A Latino virtual assistant wants to make good connections, get good recommendations, earn well for their services, and work daytime hours.

You need professional, experienced, pro-active people who work in the same time zones; if they represent savings in labor and infrastructure as well, you need them. You can get all that and more from Latino virtual assistants if you know where to look.

At There is Talent we have an incredible team of virtual assistants and customer support agents. They are fully bilingual, experienced, and ready to deliver 300% of their work.

Book a call with our director Claudia to learn more about our proposal or visit our monthly packages!


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