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Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant For WordPress is a Great Strategy

Virtual Assistant for WordPress

Having a virtual assistant has become one of the best strategies for entrepreneurs today. If you also have a virtual assistant for WordPress, you are assuring yourself some incredible extra benefits!

Let’s start by mentioning that there are many tasks that as an entrepreneur you don’t have time to attend to. In addition to this, there are many others that you don’t like and there are some that you are not particularly good at. So what’s the point of continuing to do everything yourself if someone else who is qualified can do it and save you time and money?

Think for a moment about how much an hour of your time is worth, don’t you think you can hire a person for less than that amount? Of course, you can!

Here are some details to show you why hiring a WordPress virtual assistant is an excellent strategy for your business.

What is a Virtual Assistant for WordPress?

In other articles, we have talked about specialized virtual assistants. Let’s remember that virtual assistants in general are people who have basic knowledge and can be trained. However, specialized virtual assistants are those who have been trained in a particular branch.

This is mainly due to customer demand. And with the new wave of digital entrepreneurs, there have been many requirements. Because of this, many virtual assistants have decided to focus on specific tasks. In this way, you can get virtual assistants specialized in areas of work such as marketing, sales, real estate, customer service. Others have specialized in handling popular platforms and software such as WordPress, Sierra Interactive, among others.

So, a virtual assistant for WordPress is a person who takes care of everything you need from the first steps. This type of specialized virtual assistant is in charge of the configuration, design, customization, and maintenance of your WordPress site.

Virtual Assistant for WordPress

What Tasks Does a WordPress Virtual Assistant Perform?

As mentioned above, there are many tasks that virtual assistants can perform if they accompany you from the first steps.

So let’s review one by one the main tasks they take care of:

WordPress installation and configuration.

A WordPress virtual assistant can take care of the installation and configuration of your site. This, like many of the tasks a virtual assistant takes care of, is one that requires a lot of time that you can dedicate to other tasks that require your specific attention.

A Virtual Assistant for WordPress creates Responsive Designs

One of the headaches for many business owners has had to do with responsive sites. Remember that while the user experience is very important and the more user-friendly your website is, the better the rating it gets from Google.

WordPress Migration

Some new digital entrepreneurs are learning about the challenges of data migration. Certainly, this can be a complex job, but with the help of a WordPress Virtual Assistant, it is much simpler.

Your WordPress Virtual Assistant Takes Advantage of the Best of the CMS

WordPress is recognized as one of the best content management systems in the world today. This is thanks to the number of options it offers to create an excellent user experience. A WordPress virtual assistant takes advantage of the features of WP CMS to create a site that is easy to manage.

Website Maintenance

A WordPress virtual assistant takes care of keeping your site up to date with all the necessary updates. This is crucial especially when you already have a flawed WordPress site. Your wizard is in charge of checking the functionality and usability of the website to ensure its optimal performance.

A WordPress Virtual Assistant Loads E-Commerce Products

Your WordPress virtual assistant can take care of editing and uploading product photos to your WooCommerce website. In the same way, you can manage products by categories, publish items, create pages, among others.

WordPress Data Entry

You can count on a virtual assistant for any kind of data entry service. Whether we are talking about articles for your blog or content for your website pages; your virtual assistant can handle all of this and much more.

Virtual Assistant for WordPress

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Virtual Assistant?

Well, let’s start by mentioning the most obvious: you have a specialized person in charge of an important part of your business. In this digital era, anyone who doesn’t have a website is almost non-existent. Especially at this time after the strict consequences of the pandemic. So, let’s look at the benefits in more detail:

Cost savings

If you have seen profiles of WordPress experts or developers, you may realize that some rates are quite high. That compared to a virtual assistant abroad, for example.

So if you are looking for a WordPress virtual assistant in places like Latin America, you would be saving money. Not to mention the savings of having virtual staff instead of physical staff. When you hire someone to work in an office there are a lot of expenses to be made. Details such as office utilities, furniture, hiring expenses, among others.

Time Management

A WordPress virtual assistant can take care of time-consuming tasks. This helps you free up a huge burden and dedicate yourself to details that require your sole attention. Or you can also dedicate time for yourself, to rest or do anything else you prefer. After all, your business doesn’t have to represent 100% of your time.

Where to find a WordPress Virtual Assistant?

As we mentioned above, you can get virtual assistants or remote workers on various platforms. The catch with this method is that you have to spend a lot of time to find the ideal person. That’s why there are agencies like There is Talent that connects you with the right person for the job.

Why think of There is Talent? Simply because we are a company dedicated to connecting the best talent with our clients. Our prices are more than affordable and all our VAs are from Latin America.

You know that sometimes having other virtual assistants abroad, such as in Asia, can be a headache. On the other hand, having a virtual assistant in your time zone makes communication easier.

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