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Where to Find the Best VAs for Bookkeeping

VAs for Bookkeeping

Many entrepreneurs are on the journey of delegating tasks to virtual assistants. This allows them to save time and effort while they get more things done. Among these tasks, we find bookkeeping, an important process needed when making big decisions like key operating, investing, and financing decisions. Maybe working with the best Spanish-speaking VAs can be one of your best strategies to increase your bookkeeping efficiency. 

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of tracking and recording financial transactions on a regular basis. With proper bookkeeping companies have access to reliable financial information which is determinant when making important decisions for revenue and income goals. 

All businesses are different but even if they operate on completely opposite markets or they are direct competitors, every functioning company has one thing in common, it needs accounting. Accounting allows you to know where your company stands and makes accomplishing your financial obligations more simple. 

Why hire VAs for Bookkeeping?

Bookkeepers manage all financial information of a company. Having a person that understands the financial aspects of your business can take a whole lot of weight off your shoulders. It also gives you control over your company, since you are always aware of your financial obligations and other crucial details like current assets, long-term debt, retained earnings, etc. 

Nowadays many companies don’t look to hire a full-time accountant to keep their financial records, they prefer to hire VAs for Bookkeeping to handle this information because of the cost. You can save a lot of money by hiring a virtual assistant in Latin America for bookkeeping and we want to help you find the best place to do so. 


Where To Hire VAs For Bookkeeping?

When searching for a VA for bookkeeping there are two roads you can take. The first one is through directory platforms, these are platforms that allow you to find freelancers from different parts of the world that specialize in all kinds of tasks, including bookkeeping

Some examples are: 

  1. Workana 
  2. Remoteco 
  3. Fiverr 
  4. Upwork 

The process needed to hire freelancers through directory platforms is overall similar. 

When you create an account, you can post a project and the details of the positions, after this you can either wait until bookkeepers find your offer or you can reach out to them. 

When you find enough prospects that seem like a right fit, you can proceed to interview and hire the professional of your choice. 

This whole process can take a long time if you are unable to find someone who meets all your expectations and requirements. 

Freelancers range from $3 to 200 USD per hour depending on the tasks you require. 


The second road you can take is to work with VAs agencies. Below are some agencies based in Latin America.

  1. There is Talent
  2. Virtual Latinos 
  3. Valatam
  4. UAssist.Me

There are many differences between directory platforms and agencies. One important part is the recruitment process. VA agencies take conscious time in selecting the right talent according to your needs, so you don’t have to. This way, you save a lot of time, which translates into saving money as well.

Below we will provide you an example of how VAs agencies work based on the strategic process we follow at There is Talent for entrepreneurs that want to hire a bookkeeper.

VAs for Bookkeeping

There is Talent

It is based in Bogota, Colombia. It offers customized virtual assistance and outsourcing services for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs in the United States who need to reduce their workload.

The process

  1. You request a free strategic call with their director, Claudia.
  2. At the meeting you explain your business requirements.
  3. You interview top matches and hire your ideal VA.
There is Talent Rates:

We work with three monthly plans

10 hours per week: costs $499 per month.

20 hours per week at a cost of $799 per month.

40 hours per week at a cost of $1399 per month.

All plans include bilingual VAs (full or part-time), technical assistance, weekly reports, and a fully equipped workstation.

Additionally, the full plan includes a dedicated supervisor who will ensure that your Virtual Assistant performs well; implementation assistance; and a backup VA in case the VA needs to be replaced for any reason.

The VAs offered by There is Talent can perform a variety of tasks depending on their specialty, including bookkeeping. 

If you are looking for a bookkeeper ​​to save costs and improve time management; you have found the right place. Book a strategic call with Claudia today!


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