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Where to Find a Virtual Assistant for Writers in 2022?

Virtual Assistant for Writers

Welcome to our blog! If you are currently reading this blog post you are likely to have your own blog, are writing your own book, or simply dedicate most of your time to writing. You’ve also probably realized that you need some help, and luckily, you have come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we are going to tell you why as a writer you need a virtual assistant and all of the tasks that you can begin to outsource with a VA today. Writing is not a simple task, but having the right support will make it simpler and more enjoyable over time

What is a Virtual Assistant for Writers?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker that performs different kinds of tasks for business owners that require support. Most entrepreneurs are very busy with daily activities and stop paying attention to other tasks that are crucial for the growth of their businesses. Writers are extremely busy people, who need to consider millions of details in order to make an impeccable job. It’s totally normal to seek support if you feel overwhelmed with these details, if this is your case, you should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

VAs are very organized and can help writers scale their business and increase productivity. Let’s analyze some of the tasks a VA can perform for writers.


If you need help in the writing process, a virtual assistant can support you in this process. You can delegate writing pieces to your virtual assistant and it will help you save anywhere from 10 hours-45 hours a week. During these hours you can invest work else in your business, giving you more space to grow and get closer to your goals.


Proofreading is the act of reading written work and marking any errors. Mistakes like spelling, grammar, and punctuation are completely normal when writing but fixing them can take hours and also make the writer feel frustrated. If you are a writer we recommend you not to be in charge of proofreading because it can decrease your creativity and delay your writing process. 

Instead of doing this yourself, a virtual assistant for writers can manage all your proofreading for you, making sure your writing is always perfect and ready to be published. 

Publishing Content

The most important step in your writing process is publishing your content. Your writing pieces deserve to see the light and be published somewhere where they’ll get good traffic. Virtual assistants are known for their experience with SEO and different publishing tools, they are the perfect person to be in charge of the last part of your writing process. 


In simple terms, SEO is the process of improving your site to gain more visibility. If you have your own blog, you need to make sure the right people are finding you, and search engines will make this possible. If you want to have a successful page, we recommend you put your SEO strategy in the hands of experts. 

Where to find a Virtual Assistant for Writers?

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant, you can get them privately, that is, through freelance directory platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or through agencies such as There is Talent.

With a freelancer directory platform, you have to dedicate yourself to the selection of the ideal person for the position. One of the important and sometimes ignored details is that you can’t always find the expected quality of work.

Without a doubt, the best place to find talent is in Latin America, mainly because of the time zones but also because of the familiarity with American culture.

There is a growing demand for virtual assistants in Latin America because business owners have discovered their potential, which is characterized by positive personalities and strong work ethics. In Latin America, you have highly trained, customer service savvy, and bilingual people who are time and money savers.

At There is Talent, we are proud to have an incredible team of virtual assistants that meet all of our client’s requirements.

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