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Virtual Assistants: What Kind of Business Owner Needs One?

Virtual assistants

Many companies and solopreneurs can make use of virtual assistants. VAs can work for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and for solopreneurs. Most VAs have a lot of experience in different administrative tasks and they can work for any business or person.

Virtual assistants are independent workers that assist you remotely by working from home. Even though they may have broad experience in certain tasks, that doesn’t mean that they are limited to a  specific area, industry, or company form.

There are a number of industry-specific activities that can be carried out, but there are also many tasks that can be done for many companies regardless of their industry or form. Activities such as client support or content creation are tasks that several companies may need assistance with.

Where do Virtual Assistants work?

Virtual assistants can work in many different sectors and companies such as

  • Real estate services
  • Financial and accounting firms
  • Marketing and advertising companies
  • Start-ups in several industries
  • or for solopreneurs, vloggers, podcasters, and bloggers

What tasks can a virtual assistant perform?

#1 Virtual Assistants can do Customer Service Support

Customer service support is a task that can be done in any industry. Regardless of the product or service provided, customer service is fundamental for any type of business. Virtual assistants can help you with on- and offline client contact services; they can respond to incoming emails and messages over the website and with inbound and outbound calling.

Virtual assistants can also help you by contacting your clients and prospects, setting up meetings, and help you sell your product or service.

Virtual assistants

#2 Most Virtual Assistants Work on Data Entry

Data management and data entry are some of the many general tasks a virtual assistant can perform for a number of different businesses. Data management has become fundamental for businesses, making it necessary to maintain all the data up to date and organized to make better decisions on a daily basis.

This is a service and task that a VA can help you with. They can enter data that is most relevant for your business and even organize it so you can improve the decisions made within the company.

#3 Content Creation

Virtual assistants can help solopreneurs and businesses with the creation of relevant content. Content creation is relevant for several purposes such as blogging, social media marketing, and even podcasters.

For bloggers, virtual assistants can write the content for your blog, proofread, publish, and even promote other texts or even an eBook. For other companies and individuals seeking to improve their online business presence and marketing, posting media, posts, news, and blogs is fundamental. On the other hand, if you are a podcaster, a VA can help you write your shown notes and edit the podcast.

Virtual assistants can help you create interesting content for your blog, vlog, or even social media.

Virtual assistants

#4 Administrative and Financial Services

The assistance a VA can provide regarding financial services is not limited to working in this specific industry. Many companies that provide different services and products can also outsource and delegate financial and administrative tasks to a VA. For example, VAs can invoice clients and stay on top of your bills.

Additionally, in digital marketing, PPC media is highly important and VAs can make sure you don’t go over your budget.

#5 Industry-specific Tasks

Additional to all these tasks which could be carried out in any type of business there are also industry-specific activities. Translation services and real estate are industry-specific services that can be provided by virtual assistants.

Regardless of industry, company size, and type there will always be a number of activities that can be outsourced to VAs. Even if you need a VA to carry out an industry-specific task, we can connect you with the perfect match for your business. At There is Talent we have several bilingual virtual assistants who are able to help you out with whatever task you need to complete.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

Just book a call with our CEO Claudia Real and tell us what you want!

It is really that simple! We will then connect you with a virtual assistant that matches your preferences and needs.



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