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Virtual Assistants: The Key to Reduce Stress in Your Business

Reduce Stress

Reduce stress can be one of the greatest challenges nowadays among many people, especially, business owners.

We know that the business world is fast and stressful and that we have to be on top of things if we want to keep up. A clear example was 2020 with the turmoil it caused to a lot of businesses around the world.

Businesses Evolving

Technologies offer us new tools at an accelerated pace, but sometimes it is difficult to be aware of everything. In addition to the pressure to keep up with trends, there is also the need to keep the competition at bay.

In short, a business owner is often dealing with intense periods of stress while trying to keep the company performing at its best.

One benefit we have mentioned about having VAs is that they can always be counted on; they take care of the small but repetitive tasks that are part of the core business so that the business owner, instead of spending time on customer service, social media, marketing, and basic administrative tasks, will have that handled for him.

If you still don’t know everything a virtual assistant can do for you, let’s review briefly:

Time Management to Reduce Stress

A day has 24 hours. Doctors recommend that the average person sleeps between 7 and 9 hours. Let’s say you sleep 8 hours and spend the rest of the day between your business and personal life. In a regular job one works about 8 hours; let’s say you are 100% dedicated to your business and work 16 hours a day.

Do you think there is a possibility that you can have a stress-free life with that kind of schedule? Could you live a balanced life? And even if you were not taking into account your mental and physical health; do you think a day has enough hours to do everything?

Virtual Assistants can help you free up a lot of time; they can take care of simple tasks such as managing your agenda and confirming appointments.

Time management

Reduce Stress in Your Personal Life

A virtual assistant can be like a regular assistant; they can help you schedule personal and business meetings, organize your agenda and appointments;  you can tend to all your commitments and not miss anything.

A virtual assistant can be your personal assistant. There are some differences between virtual assistants and personal assistants, yes; but your virtual assistant can also take care of all your personal matters in order to keep you organized.

The idea is to have a person who helps you with all your personal and business commitments; in that way, you don’t have to be dealing with your agenda or various appointments yourself.

Virtual assistants can concentrate on the smaller daily organizational tasks so you can get back to work.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

In addition to handling everything related to your personal life such as appointments, emails, etc., your virtual assistant can also take care of basic and necessary tasks for your business; they can work as a social media manager.

Virtual assistants can handle your social networks, posts, and content creation, keep your website updated, take care of customer calls, conduct market research for you, and study the competition to keep you at the top of your game.

And while your assistant is doing all these tasks, you can study the results you are getting with the strategies you have created, adjust what is necessary, and even develop new strategies for the growth of your company.

In short, you set the destination and map it out and your virtual assistant will help you take you and your company there through efficient execution.

VAs Innovation

Virtual assistants might be that missing link to give more projection to the growth of your company, either because they can help you maintain the base of your company or perform the minimum necessary (and repetitive) tasks. They can help you manage your time in a more efficient way so you can dedicate time to what is really essential in your life or business. Your virtual assistant is an important member of your team that brings innovation and new ways to achieve your business goals.

Remember that virtual assistants are often professionals dedicated to working remotely because their conditions require it or they simply prefer it. But that does not mean you can’t hire them directly to work in your company. Therefore, you are counting on the support of a professional in different areas and this can represent an incredible acquisition for your company while you are taking care of your economy.

To Sum Up

A VA represents incredible benefits for business owners, whether they are entrepreneurs or business owners consolidated in the market.

At There is Talent, we also provide a monitoring system so that you only have to work with the results.

If you have any questions, book a call today with our director, Claudia, to find out how virtual assistants can help you improve your personal and professional life!


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