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Virtual Assistants for Content Creation and Where to Find Them

Virtual Assistant for Content Creation

Hiring virtual assistants for content creation is one of the best investments you can make nowadays, not just for the time they save you but the money as well; that is, if you know where to find them!

Social media is literally the present and the future of communication. Globalization is an imminent threat for companies that haven’t implemented the steps to expand their product or service on a global scale. Every clever entrepreneur wants to grow internationally, evolve, and take their business to the big leagues.

In 2020, more than 75% of consumers started to engage in online activities. It is said that 21% bought a product online for the first time during this period. 

The content that trends the most on social media like Instagram, Facebook or TikTok is video content. Recent tools like reels and TikToks are short, entertaining and immersive videos where you can creatively express your brand story, educate your audience and get discovered by people who might like your business.

The creation and development of this kind of content is maybe the most important part of expanding your business. It has to be the perfect content and be in line with the company’s goals.

This is not an easy task or a skill that can be found anywhere; it is something that many people study for years to be able to exercise and execute correctly.

If you are a smart entrepreneur that wants to be at the forefront of globalization, you need to hire a virtual assistant for content creation.

Virtual Assistant for Content Creation

What is a Virtual Assistant for Content Creation?

A virtual assistant for content creation is an employee who normally develops his or her services outside the client’s office remotely and usually performs tasks that are assigned by the contractor.

Multitasking is a trait that is incredibly useful and in high demand nowadays. It is not simply doing several activities at the same time, it is also doing them properly. Virtual assistants for content creation have different skills that can exploit the potential of your brand such as amazing creativity, patience, empathy, and understanding of the target audience. They can help with the creation and editing of content, data analysis, google ads management, spell checking, and much more which you can discover if you decide to make the smart decision to hire a virtual assistant.

Always remember, a smart leader and capable entrepreneur is one who can find trusted individuals and delegate important tasks to them.

Imagine having more free time as an entrepreneur, time that can be used to find new opportunities to expand your business. When you delegate tasks to virtual assistants, you’ll see your business start to grow. 

Let’s talk about some skills and traits that virtual assistants for content creation have and how they can positively impact your business.

Virtual Assistants for Content Creation have a Passion for Writing

Writers must write with taste, judgment and their own style. Virtual assistants for content creation are able to accomplish exactly that. They are consistent with their work and have excellent writing skills. Language is something that is learned daily; it changes and it’s very important to create quality content. There is nothing more appealing in a post than proper spelling. 

Virtual Assistant for Content Creation

Continuous Hunger for Learning

Digital communication changes rapidly and sometimes radically. A virtual assistant for content creation must keep up to date with trends, algorithms, and challenges, among others, to keep their publications with good reach. The social media world changes almost daily. There are new settings and new tools every day that are important and could be a game changer for the business. It is crucial to be open to learning when entering the content creation world.  


Creativity is more than a skill; it is a gift. Virtual assistants for content creation are endowed with infinite creativity and recursiveness. As mentioned above, there are a lot of tools in the social media world, but tools are useless without someone who knows how to use them in many ways and explode them in all scenarios. When you decide to hire a virtual assistant, you don’t have to worry about coming up with creative ideas. You’ll just enjoy the amazing result that their ideas will bring to your business. 

Where to Find a Virtual Assistant for Content Creation

There are basically two ways to get a VA for content creation: one is through freelancer platforms and the other is through outsourcing agencies such as There Is Talent.

In general, freelancer platforms offer you a direct deal and let you be in control of the whole hiring process. However, this process tends to be very time-consuming. With an outsourcing services agency like There Is Talent, you can find the match you want without it costing you time.

The average entrepreneur is simply too busy to handle these processes, so we offer ease and practicality while saving you time and money. We will find you a VA that will help you leverage and scale your business to the next level.

Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best Spanish-speaking VAs now! 


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