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Virtual Assistants for Coaches: The Best Trend to Scale Their Businesses

Virtual Assistants for Coaches

Virtual assistants for coaches are supporting professionals around the world to reach more and more people. The whole point of any type of coaching is to reach more people to help them reach their full potential.

A Walk through the History of Coaching

Although the coaching market exploded since the 80s, this discipline is not modern. It has its most distant known reference in Socrates and Mayeutics, which means “the midwife”, helping to give birth. This implies that Socrates helped others to shine their own light, their own conclusions, and truths through the art of asking questions.

In the USA it started in sports, with Timothy Gallwey, who discovered that the main enemy of athletes was their own mind. He began to work along these lines and obtained incredible results. The model was exported to Great Britain, where John Whitmore adapted it to the business world, and from there to the personal sphere.

In turn, the main promoter of coaching in the USA as we understand it today was Thomas Leonard, who has been the person who has fought the hardest to give coaching a system and a structure, as well as recognition. He created the ICF (International Coaching Association), the IAC (International Association of Coaches), and Coachville.

How Can Virtual Assistants for Coaches Help You?

There are many types of coaching, each with its own methodologies that seek to address different types of needs; coaches, however, have much more in common when it comes to managing their practice.

Just as psychologists or therapists may work in organizations, coaches may also belong to organizations that facilitate contact with clients. However, many coaches today manage their practice alone and they are the ones who benefit the most from virtual assistants for coaches.

Virtual Assistants for Coaches

Tasks Performed by Virtual Assistants for Coaches

Virtual assistants are, as a rule, specialized in administrative tasks that free up a lot of time from their clients’ schedules. We can also find many virtual assistants that take care of specifics such as marketing, accounting, sales, among others.

Virtual assistants are people who can not only help free up time from your schedule but can also promote the growth of your clientele.

Let’s take a look at the main functions that virtual assistants perform:

#1 Virtual Assistants for Coaches Usually Do Administrative Tasks

As mentioned earlier, virtual assistants are generally sought after to handle secretarial tasks. Tasks such as agenda management, appointment confirmation, email management, among others.

Administrative tasks tend to be time-consuming and are easy enough to delegate.

#2 Social Media Management

Virtual assistants are becoming more specialized every day and that is why many entrepreneurs are looking to them for more specific tasks such as digital marketing.
One of the main reasons is because the world is digital and if you don’t have an online presence it’s as if you don’t exist.
Virtual assistants for coaches are experts in managing online communities to promote their clients.

#3 Virtual Assistants for Coaches Take Care of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a tedious but necessary process for all businesses. But for small businesses with limited resources, streamlining the process is even more important.

Virtual assistants for coaches are those ideal people to take care of these types of tasks.

#4 Sales

Virtual assistant coaches can handle sales funnels, lead generation, as well as more repetitive tasks such as cold calling, data entry, and CRM.

Virtual Assistants for Coaches

Benefits of Virtual Assistants for Coaches in Latin America

As mentioned above, virtual assistants are a great support for independent businesses. In the same way, they help to promote the growth of the client portfolio through marketing and sales tasks. Another task that virtual assistants for coaches can support is customer support.

This is how virtual assistants support coaches all over the world. In addition, to support specific or general tasks such as administrative tasks, virtual assistants for coaches also represent other benefits.

#1 Improved use of time

By taking care of many of the repetitive or time-consuming activities, virtual assistant coaches are freeing up space in your schedule. This is a space you can use to serve more clients!

#2 Cost savings

Virtual assistants for coaches represent cost savings on health insurance, office equipment, and life insurance. Additionally, if you have virtual assistants in Latin America, you will automatically save money over hiring VAs in the US.

#3 Similar time zones

Virtual assistants working from Latin America work in very similar time zones to those in the US. This is a great advantage over Asian virtual assistants, who may represent lower costs but have poor communication facilities.

To sum up

Virtual assistants are important resources to not only leverage a practice but to help increase the client base.

At There is Talent we have a diverse team of virtual assistants, some of whom are well versed in the coaching discipline and understand the needs of coaches very well.

It is our intention to connect amazing entrepreneurs with the best talent for their businesses.

Book a call with our director, Claudia, and learn all the benefits of hiring virtual assistants with us!


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