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Virtual Assistant Services for Realtors

virtual assistant services for realtors

Virtual assistant services for realtors are in demand more than ever thanks to the momentum of remote work as a direct result of the pandemic.

The real estate sector is one of the most competitive industries and requires realtors to be people with great focus while covering many types of tasks. Like many other business owners, most realtors can feel overwhelmed with all the tasks they must perform to make their business thrive.

This means that getting new listings in a reasonable amount of time may be impossible, or it may also mean that you won’t have the time to test for a potential sale.

However, if you have the help of a virtual assistant, these tasks can be completed in a timely manner and help you provide better service to your potential customers.

Now let’s review some of the major tasks that realtors can outsource to virtual assistant services.

virtual assistant services for realtors

Virtual Assistant Services for Listings

Listings are usually published on several websites in addition to the realtor’s website; therefore, it is very important to maintain coherence and consistency in the publications. Structure and tones, among other details, must coincide in all the publications of listings of the same realtor. For this, you can use a template that serves as a structure for the VA you hire.

It is also advisable to show some examples of different types of properties. These can be a reference for the virtual assistant to get an idea of how to make the listing of the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Some of the data that can be included in the template are:

– Total square footage
– Special features
– Recent renovations
– Number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home
– Dimensions of each room in the home

A VA can edit the details if you just copy and paste the template into the publishing platform for them.

Social Media Management

Some of the tools we use the most in the world are social networks. Whoever owns a business cannot miss the opportunity to contact potential customers through these.

Although social networks represent an incredible opportunity to keep in touch with prospects, they also consume a lot of time and energy.

Having virtual assistant services for realtors is one of the best options to maintain an online presence and focus on closing deals.

Virtual assistants can take care of creating Facebook pages, linking them to Instagram accounts, maintaining conversations on Twitter, creating Pinterest boards, among many other details.

Depending on your client’s profile, you can use different social networks and promote your services through a virtual assistant.

Content Creation Through Virtual Assistant Services

You can hire virtual assistant services for realtors to generate all the content your business needs. This can be blog posts, posts for social networks, content for your website, newsletter, campaigns, among others.

Your VA can take care of creating, editing, and optimizing content for all the areas that your business requires. For this, we recommend having a style guide to help your VA know what are the guidelines to follow.

It is very important that in the outsourcing process, you are very clear about what you want to do and how you are going to do it, although in certain cases your VA can also help you shape your systems.

This is something you should also be clear about when hiring virtual assistance services.

virtual assistant services for realtors

Outsourcing Agenda Management to Virtual Assistant Services

For all business owners, staying on top of their schedule is critical to not forgetting appointments.

As a virtual assistant handles your agenda, you can also rely on them to confirm appointments; this means answering and making calls, or answering and sending emails with potential buyers, property owners, brokers, lawyers, and all those with whom you need to maintain communication.

Another way to keep your schedule up to date is to have an online appointment scheduler that can manage your VA and send you notifications to your cell phone and set reminders.

This helps you stay on top of all your appointments.

In a nutshell

Virtual assistant services for realtors are valuable resources that take care of the menial tasks you don’t have time for. They can help you with additional tasks once a solid working relationship is established. But first, it is important to find the right person to support you in your real estate business.

At There is Talent we have an amazing team of virtual assistants who have had experience in real estate. They are not only familiar with the tasks your business requires, but can also help you with additional tasks to support your business growth.

Book a call with our director Claudia to learn more about what our team can do for your business!



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