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VAs for Immigration Lawyers: Making the Most of New Trends

vas for immigration lawyers

VAs for immigration lawyers are here to stay. Given the renewed intentions in the U.S. government, the need for immigration lawyers is more visible than ever. With that comes the need to rely on teams of qualified individuals to bring out the best in their firms.

And the fact is that the role of immigration lawyers is quite different from other types of law.

While other types of lawyers spend more time on civil disputes, immigration lawyers often act as mediators between clients and immigration authorities, such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

For as long as the American dream has existed, there have been lawyers helping foreign nationals and immigrants become part of it.

In light of the proposals announced by the new president, Joe Biden, immigration lawyers in the United States are more important than ever.

The Indispensable Role of Immigration Lawyers

Currently, the US government wants to facilitate legal immigration to the country, reversing numerous measures of Donald Trump’s administration.

Over 900,000 citizenship applications have been backlogged since 2014. Other programs have been taking five months or more to respond to applications, according to the New York Times.

To no one, it is undisputed that the Trump administration’s strict policy generated more complications and costs for applicants.

However, the Biden administration is already seeing attempts to restore opportunities for skilled foreign workers through the H-1B visa program, create new avenues for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the United States, and facilitate asylum for victims of domestic violence.

The Job Boost for Immigration Lawyers

The Biden proposals would eliminate all of the limitations in the Trump administration; it would also be significantly expanding the possibilities for immigration to the US.

This means that for immigration lawyers there will be no better time to expand their client base.

If in addition to that, we think that most of the immigration petitions come from Latin American citizens, what better option than to have VAs for immigration lawyers who are Latinos?

vas for immigration lawyers

The Immigration Lawyer’s Job Duties

Although many immigration lawyers spend time in court, immigration law is much broader than that.

Let’s review some of the main tasks of an immigration lawyer:

#1 Listen

Each client has particular qualities, and in order to advise correctly, you need to take the details into account.

#2 Advising

After taking into account the details of each case, relevant research must be done.

#3 An immigration lawyer is in charge of filing petitions and applications

An immigration lawyer not only assists in filling out the paperwork but actually shares the burden by filing petitions and applications.

#4 Assisting with citizenship tests

Immigration lawyers know the type of tests that will be required and how best to prepare for them.

#5 An immigration lawyer has to direct the client according to the situation

Situations can take a turn at any time; being aware of the legal issues, the immigration lawyer will keep track of the situation and guide his client accordingly.

#6 Representing the client in court

Clients are not trained or experienced in court matters, so it is best to have their immigration lawyer do this part for them.

#7 An immigration lawyer could help his clients to start a business

If a client wants to start a business in a new place they have immigrated to, they will need to consult with their lawyer about the official and legal procedures.

In short, immigration lawyers are experienced in navigating the U.S. immigration system, from the filing requirements for 185 different types of visas to the process for fighting deportation in removal proceedings.

It all starts when the lawyer simply listens to the client’s needs and goals.

Now, is it possible that having an extra set of hands in all of these processes is of benefit to immigration lawyers?

Of course, it is!

How VAs for Immigration Lawyers are Leveraging Their Firms

We cannot say that virtual assistants are a trend of the last few years but the market has definitely expanded in both supply and demand.

VAs are highly qualified to perform secretarial or administrative tasks, some are more experienced in marketing and sales, others in design and aesthetics, some others are better at programming or website maintenance.

So, with all the variety that exists in the market…

How Can you Find VAs for Immigration Lawyers that Fill Your Needs?

Well, there are many VAs that also have a background in different professions and one of them is the law.

While it is true that virtual assistants will never compare to legal assistants, it is true that many of them have the necessary knowledge to help you in your practice.

vas for immigration lawyers

There are many tasks in which VAs for immigration lawyers can help you:

#1 Marketing and Sales

Yes, we have talked about all the tasks when you already have your customers, but to reach them, you must make yourself known. A virtual assistant can help you get leads through marketing strategies in the communication channels that work best for you.

In addition, your virtual assistant can help you promote sales of consulting packages, for example.

#2 VAs for Immigration Lawyers Can Do Administrative Tasks

Everything that has to do with managing the book, making appointments, reminders of meetings, among others, can be tasks that your virtual assistant can take care of so that you don’t forget anything.

#3 Customer service

Your virtual assistant can take care of your customers either through social networks, phone calls, chat, among others.

Virtual assistants are experts in customer service and you can count on them to deliver quality experiences to both your customers and prospects.

#4 VAs for Immigration Lawyers Can Be Bilingual

At There is Talent we have a special team of virtual assistants. If you need assistance getting in contact with Spanish-speaking clients, why not consider Latino VAs for immigration lawyers?

#5 Transcription

One of the most time-consuming tasks is the transcription and there is not a single lawyer who does not have to keep some of it in his or her practice, so you can delegate this task to your virtual assistant and dedicate yourself to the activities that require your immediate attention.

In a nutshell

Entrepreneurs in many parts of the US are making the best investments in virtual assistants, particularly if they are Latino virtual assistants.

Our virtual assistants offer our clients the opportunity to work in very similar time zones; they are fully bilingual and very familiar with the American work culture.

If you need something highly specific, they can be trained to achieve it. They are experienced in performing a variety of tasks.

In addition to all these benefits, our virtual assistants are also cheaper than US legal assistants or virtual assistants.

Are you ready to start leveraging your business?

Book a call with our director now!


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