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US Virtual Assistant Vs Latino Virtual Assistant

US Virtual Assistant

There are several aspects to consider when hiring a virtual assistant, such as costs, time zone, language, etc., you can find your assistant anywhere. 

But let’s focus on the pros and cons of hiring US virtual assistants and Latino virtual assistants. 

US Virtual Assistants

Location of a US Virtual Assistant

One of the advantages of hiring a VA in the US is that you will not have problems with schedules. They work on the same schedule as you! The constant interaction with your virtual assistant facilitates the resolution of any issues that arise unexpectedly. 

US Virtual Assistant = Same Language

No language barriers either, since you have a virtual assistant, whose native language is 100% English. 

A US Virtual Assistant Represents Trust

Even though it’s a remote job, providing detailed information about your company to someone who is in the same area as you provides a sense of security.

Another positive aspect of hiring a virtual assistant in the US is that being in the same country makes it easier to understand cultural, political, social, geographical, and other aspects. 

The Not-so-good of a US Virtual Assistant

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages to hiring a virtual assistant in the US. 

The payment for the work of a virtual assistant located in the US is more expensive compared to virtual assistants in other countries, for example, in Latin America. This is due to the price of the US dollar, the cost, and the lifestyle in the US.

Most of the time, businessmen and entrepreneurs in different parts of the world prefer to find virtual assistants with excellent profiles, experience, skills, and knowledge at a lower cost, confident that they will fulfill their duties and responsibilities very well and, invest a little more in key aspects of their business. 

So, when deciding if you want to hire a virtual assistant in the US you should consider important aspects. Things such as the budget you are willing to invest, convenience in schedules, and language among others. 

US Virtual Assistant

Latino Virtual Assistants

A few years ago, Latino human talent was underestimated; generally considered more suited for jobs of lesser intellectual capacity. They were also considered not to be bilingual. But the reality today is very different. 

Ability, Experience Bilinguals!

Today you can hire Latino virtual assistants with outstanding English language skills. Most of them have excellent communication skills that make it easier to attract and retain clients. 

In Their Shoes!

Virtual assistants from the Latin culture have also proven to be highly empathic, an essential skill in customer service. That ability to consider and understand customers’ feelings and points of view is crucial. 

Patience is another key aspect when hiring a virtual assistant. Being patient with customers, with delays, complaints, when things do not go according to plan. 

Having a virtual assistant capable of staying calm and collected in stressful situations is also fundamental. 

Competitiveness at a Better Price

Latin American countries such as Colombia have demonstrated that Latino virtual assistants are very competitive in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, and bilingualism. Making them more attractive to North American, Canadian, and European companies among others.

In addition to their excellent customer service skills, Latino virtual assistants generally possess a warm and friendly attitude without losing their professionalism.

You pay for the same work performed by professional Latino virtual assistants with sufficient previous experience in companies in the US and other countries, skills in different areas, and is cheaper than if you hire a virtual assistant in the US.

Hiring a Latino virtual assistant will be reflected in the reduction of costs for your business; it adjusts to your needs in terms of expenses, time, resources, etc. 

latino virtual assistant

No Limits or Barriers!

Latino virtual assistants have extensive knowledge of US and Canadian cultures, customs, political policies, and social regulations. In fact, many have lived in these countries, so their level of English is fairly high and close to native.

Your Latino assistant works in the same time zone as you and is unlikely to have any problems with working flexible hours, hence Latino assistants are strongly represented in the virtual job market. 

A Lot to Gain

You have thousands of options to choose from when hiring Latin virtual assistants. They meet the requirements you need to help you with the growth and consolidation of your name and brand. 

Countries like Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Argentina among other Latin American countries have qualified virtual assistants that can offer you and support you with just what you need.

 whether it is with the administration of your social networks, managing your CRM, writing your blog post, etc. Without high-cost problems, in the same schedule, and in your own language. 

About a US Virtual Assistant vs a Latin Virtual Assistant: Conclusion

Undoubtedly both US virtual assistants and Latin virtual assistants and other countries can represent a gain for any business in any sector. 

The important thing is to look for, identify and hire those virtual assistants that provide excellent customer service, that have the experience, language, skills, knowledge, and expertise to add significant value to your business.


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