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There is Talent: The Best Virtual Assistants From Latin America

best virtual assistants

In recent years, many companies have realized the benefits of hiring the best virtual assistants from Latin America. However, finding the ideal virtual assistant agency involves certain challenges, such as price, quality, security, and time differences. Not to mention the processes of interviewing, evaluating, and hiring virtual assistants.

Pros and Cons of VAs from the Philippines and North America

On the one hand, some companies tend to hire VAs from the Philippines or India as they are cheaper than American virtual assistants. Besides, VAs from the Philippines are also proficient in Spanish. However, the time difference ends up being a major inconvenience for many companies in the United States. Basically, that could reduce productivity due to conflicts between company schedules and Filipino virtual assistants.

On the other hand, other companies choose to hire American VA agencies to avoid schedule conflicts. However, that’s not the cost-effective solution they’re looking for. In fact, the price increases significantly, especially if you need to hire virtual assistants with specialized skills.

So… Where Can You Find The Best Virtual Assistants Overseas?

Another high-quality and cost-effective solution are VAs agencies in Latin America. Given the proximity of certain Latin American countries such as Colombia and Mexico, Latin virtual assistants work in the same time zone. Therefore, you will not have the problems you would have with virtual assistants from the Philippines.

In addition, the cost of Latin VAs is much cheaper than American virtual assistants. And best of all, you don’t have to compromise on quality for the price. Just like American VAs, Latino virtual assistants are also hand-picked professionals with the skills necessary to perform any task.

best virtual assistants

Advantages of Hiring the Best Virtual Assistants from Latin America

Hiring VAs from Latin America is a smart choice, not only because they work in your time zone, but because they also offer many other benefits like:

  • Latino VAs are fluent in English and Spanish
  • Latin American culture is influenced by American culture. Therefore, VAs from Latin America have a better understanding of American culture than Filipinos
  • You can reach a wider customer base since they have experience both in American and Latin American markets
  • VAs from Latin America offer great value. You can find from a general virtual assistant to a highly specialized virtual assistant
  • Many American companies have Latino or Spanish-speaking clients, so hiring a Latino VA could be a plus

There is Talent

Hiring VAs from Latin America could be a great way to increase productivity and reduce costs. There Is Talent Latino VAs not only work in the same time zone but also speak your language and know your market. We offer expert VAs who can perform administrative, management, scheduling, and accounting tasks for you!

Plus, you have the flexibility to choose from the top 3 candidates or a monthly plan. We offer the talent you just need at an incredibly affordable price. Our virtual assistant services are the perfect balance between quality and price.

Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.


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