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The Power of Having a Virtual Assistant for Sales Support

The Power of Having a Virtual Assistant for Sales Support

Sales support is a fundamental role in a company that wants to make more sales. We know that these functions can differ per industry or company but it doesn’t make them less necessary for a business. These tasks can be done by hired associates or by a virtual assistant for sales support. In this blog, you’ll learn the benefits of hiring a VA and how she or he can help you increase sales and boost productivity. 

What is Sales Support?

Sales support consists of the tools and duties that help sales reps close more deals for a company. In theory, these tasks are meant to assist sales reps, so it’s important for them not to be in charge of handling these processes. A virtual assistant is a perfect person to be in control of sales support, let’s analyze some facts that make a VA your perfect candidate. 

Outsourcing Abroad

Did you know that hiring a virtual assistant for sales support from another country can save you up to 60% on expenses? Professionals in Latin America have been educating and preparing themselves to work for US companies. The cultural closeness makes Latinos great for any business that’s looking to benefit from these four attributes: 


Virtual assistants are in great demand, this is because they cost a lot less even while being well-educated workers. The cost of living changes in every country, so when a virtual assistant is hired abroad the price is usually cheaper as they operate as independent contractors, meaning the contractor does not have to cover benefits, insurance, employment taxes, etc. 

Virtual Assistant for Sales Support

Hand-picked professionals

Latin Americans take their recruitment processes very seriously. If you choose to work with an agency like There is Talent, we will make sure we present you with the best VAs in the market depending on your needs and goals. 

This will save you time and make your decision process much easier.

A Virtual Assistant for Sales Support is Bilingual

Virtual Assistants in Latin America have an excellent English level,  but sometimes this is not enough for business owners who also need help for their Spanish-speaking clients. 

There is a large population of Spanish speakers in the U.S., so your clients could be among them. Your sales strategy must consider those clients. 

What Tasks Can a Virtual Assistant for Sales Support Perform?

There are plenty of tasks you can implement to your sales strategy, below we are going to mention a list of tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant for sales support: 

Email Campaigns

Email marketing helps you maintain more constant communication with your clients. As well as increasing sales, these campaigns also build your brand’s image. Your virtual assistant for sales support can nurture your leads by providing the right educational content. Some ideas you can begin to include in your emails are demos, workshops, discounts, tutorials, etc. 

virtual assistant email campaigns


If you need someone to organize your data. Hiring a virtual assistant is the best investment you can make. It will save you time, as they build successful time-saving automations like automatic messages.  

A CRM helps you set up automatic messages to leads. When a potential client has visited your website several times in the past, it’s an excellent opportunity to start a casual conversation with them. There are many opportunities throughout the buyer journey to send personalized messages and get closer to a purchase. 

Cold Calling

This is a popular form of telemarketing. This consists of trained VAs reaching out to potential clients that have no prior interaction with your company. The goal is to create attention from those potential clients and transform them into sales for your company. 

Cold Calling can be a challenging task to complete for your busy sales reps, if you are looking to save time, working with VA can be the best option for you and your business.

Keep in Mind When Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Sales Support

Most VAs out there are professionals with a certain degree of experience and knowledge that help entrepreneurs with time-consuming tasks. You can find virtual assistants on sites like Fiverr or Upwork at a cost ranging anywhere from $8 USD to $200 USD.

At There is Talent, we have a great team of VAs who are always willing to learn, which is why we recommend the training to every client.

Take into account your VA’s learning process and prepare it according to your company’s strategies.

If you want to learn more about what a virtual assistant can do, book your strategy call now!


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