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The Importance of Latino VAs for Real Estate Businesses

Latino VAs for Real Estate Businesses

In 2021 the Real Estate Industry in the U.S generated approximately US$483.2 billion in revenue. This was expected since nowadays around 67.9% of Americans own a home. As we can see this is a market that is continuously growing, and to properly support this growth agents and brokers should count on a prepared team to assist them and help them obtain better results. 

Latino VAs for real estate businesses are helping millions of realtors grow their sales and obtain more leads. In this blog, you will learn what makes Latino virtual assistants so unique for this industry and the success they can help you achieve. 

How a Latino VAs for Real Estate Helps Your Business

To stand out in this highly competitive market you need to properly use marketing tools. Marketing is fundamental in real estate because it will define the way your clients will know who you are and what you do. In this business, it’s very important to generate a great flow of leads that are supervised through their buyer journey. Staying top of mind with your clients will bring you more referrals, more sales, and more profits. 

If you are not a marketing expert or if you simply do not have enough time, hiring Latino VAs for real estate businesses might be your best investment yet. 

Social Media Era

Digital marketing takes 80% of all marketing channels. This is why digital marketing is not an expense but rather an investment. The biggest mistake realtors make is believing that real estate is such a ¨serious¨ business they don’t need to have a social media presence. 

Real Estate Businesses

Connections are everything for a realtor so you need to develop a social media strategy that allows people to learn from you. Keep in mind that buyers are more likely to work with you if they like you and you have formed a connection with them based on trust. Working with Latino VAs for real estate businesses will help you make the most out of your social media platforms. 

We have a talented team of marketing VAs that understand the importance of providing valuable content to your audience. If all of the content you are providing to your clients is related only to real estate, you might be pushing potential clients away. 

Try to keep it fun! People on social media not only want to learn about what you sell, instead, they also enjoy knowing why you’re selling it. 


One common challenge realtors face is finding ways to efficiently communicate with a large group of people. Their niche is so wide they have trouble getting a message across. 

Realtors work with people from different backgrounds, with different needs, and many clients that speak different languages.  There is a large population of Spanish speakers in the U.S and your clients could be among them. You must consider those clients when developing your business strategy. 

Latino VAs for real estate businesses can solve this issue! Most virtual assistants in Latin America have an excellent English level and are able to support your Spanish-speaking clients. 

Latino VAs for Real Estate Businesses

Time Zone

Is cold calling part of your marketing strategy? If the answer is yes, the time zone is an essential factor to keep in mind. You should work with a team with the same business hours as your clients so they are not interrupting them at random times of the day/night.   

Virtual assistants in the Philippines and India are quite skilled, experienced, and willing to help you keep your business on top; but one of the biggest barriers many realtors encounter is the time zone difference.

With Latino VAs, you get quality, expertise, cultural proximity, affordable prices, and better communication given the similarity of time zones. 

U.S and Latin America Closeness

Latin American countries are closer to the U.S compared to any other country in the world. The geopolitical closeness between these two regions makes them have a direct influence on each other. 

Without a doubt, the best place to find a VA for real estate is in Latin America, because of the time zones but also because of the familiarity with American culture.

Where to Find the Best Latino VAs for Real Estate Businesses?

If after reading this post you have decided to escalate your business with a VA, this is the right place to start. 

The demand for Latino virtual assistants has been growing over the last few years since entrepreneurs have noticed the potential they have. In Latin America, you have highly trained, customer service savvy, and bilingual people who are time and money savers.

At There is Talent, we are proud to have an incredible team of Virtual Assistants that meet all of our clients’ requirements.

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