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The Best Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals

Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals

Growing your career is a long path that requires passion, hard work, and lots of time. And despite you might think your professional dreams put you on a solo journey, it doesn’t have to be. When your career path starts weighing on your shoulders, you can always get help. That’s the relief brought by virtual assistants for busy professionals like you.

In this blog post, you’ll discover the best virtual assistants to help in a professional’s career path. Plus, key points to consider when hiring the VA that’ll get you closer to your career dreams. Keep reading.

What’s the Role of Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals?

First, what does having a virtual assistant even mean? We’ll put it simply, it means you get a professional assistant to ease your workload remotely. Some virtual assistants for busy professionals, who have no time at all, can do this asynchronously.

For example, if you needed help getting more done in less time, you could find someone to work in a different time zone or at a different time of the day. In this way, when you get back to work after your well-earned rest, you can find things prepared for you to jump into action.

On the other hand, if what you require is someone to work with simultaneously, you can achieve it too. It’s as simple as using a cloud-based workflow and reliable communication channels.

The Best Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals

Regarding which virtual assistant to hire, everyone’s needs will vary. But there are four categories of VAs that all busy professionals we’ve worked with value:

#1 Administrative Virtual Assistant

Administrative virtual assistants are generalist VAs that help with daily tasks, such as:

  1. Managing emails,
  2. scheduling appointments,
  3. drafting documents,
  4. and, in general, making your life easier.

A variant of the administrative virtual assistant is the executive virtual assistant. Executive VAs tend to have more experience and agency, managing tasks and projects more independently if you need them to.

Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals

#2 Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Keeping track of your financial records, invoices, and expenses is arguably one of the most tedious tasks we all need to do. That’s when hiring a bookkeeping virtual assistant is useful. They can help you:

  1. Keep your financial data in order,
  2. collaborate with your accountant or tax preparer,
  3. help track your monthly budget,
  4. and even create financial reports for you.

Accurate bookkeeping can help you feel more stable while avoiding liabilities. Definitely, bookkeeping virtual assistants for busy professionals are a great investment.

#3 Marketing Virtual Assistant

A strong digital presence is a plus for any professional. In some industries, having an engaged, well-nurtured audience in social media is required.

For this, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you create fresh content and engage with your audience. This is a very cost-effective solution, compared to partnering with a marketing agency.

#4 Customer Relationship Virtual Assistant

If you handle clients, we are sure you don’t need us to tell you how important it is to take care of their inquiries and requests in a timely fashion. But tending to clients and getting your work done can be a bit of a hassle.

That’s why many professionals hire customer relationship or “customer support” assistants. This type of VA can help you:

  1. Answering client phone calls and emails,
  2. handling customer queries or complaints,
  3. coordinating the logistics of your products or services,
  4. sometimes even selling!

Specialized Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals

Working with specialized virtual assistants is also an option depending on your industry. For instance, a journalist might benefit much more from a research VA than from a data-entry one. While if you own a store or are a content creator, selling your merch, an e-commerce VA will prove more helpful.

Regardless of your case, focus on nailing which type of specialized virtual assistant can help you the most by looking at your current workload. Which pesky yet necessary tasks would you love to get out of your shoulders? The answer will likely come with more ease than you would have expected.

And, bonus tip: many virtual assistant types have overlapping skills. For instance, an e-commerce VA could perfectly handle client complaints.

Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals

How to Make the Most Out of Your Virtual Assistant?

Let’s establish something first, virtual assistants for busy professionals aren’t fairy godmothers. We loved how this article by Melba J. Duncan encapsulates the collaborative aspects of working with a VA. In the article, Duncan mentions three important factors to consider if you want to get the most out of your virtual assistant:

  1. Learn to delegate. You must be willing to educate your virtual assistant and, then, trust their abilities.
  2. Push the limits. Identify when is the right moment to delegate more responsibilities. At the same time, your VA must be willing to go out of their comfort zone.
  3. Choose your VA wisely. For the previous two points to work, you first need a reliable virtual assistant. Thankfully, finding the perfect VA can be outsourced.

Virtual Assistants for Busy Professionals on a Budget

We know what many professionals think, “How can I, an individual, give up part of my income to hire someone else?” That’s an understandable concern, but not the right mindset. Instead, why not ask, “How can a virtual assistant help me free up time, to focus on more productive, better-paid tasks?”

It’s all about figuring out the type of help that’ll support your goals the best. An important aspect to consider, of course, is the money. But don’t worry, a low budget is not a dealbreaker.

There are thousands of capable virtual assistants for busy professionals, waiting for a chance to support themselves and their families while working flexible hours or from the sweet comfort of their homes. Many of them, are professionals living in Latin America or countries like the Philippines. Bear in mind, in these regions, bilingualism is common and what we’d consider a low wage is a decent salary.

Want to get one of these outstanding virtual assistants for busy professionals? Book a strategic meeting with us to…

  1. Get the guidance you need on which virtual assistant you should hire,
  2. let us screen top-notch virtual assistant candidates for you,
  3. and forget about the hiring hassle — you pay a modest subscription, and we take care of the rest.

With There Is Talent, you can get the support you need, on a budget, and stress-free.


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