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virtual assistant colombia

My name is Maria Romero, and I’m a virtual assistant here at There is Talent. Currently, I am studying international business and also working as a part-time virtual assistant.  My experience has been amazing, my job allows me to work from home with flexible hours, I am able to finish my studies,  spend time with my loved ones, and do other things I enjoy while gaining work experience and learning new things.
Working as a virtual assistant has also helped me practice my English, everyday I am able to perfect it and use it as an incredible tool to communicate with people from different parts of the world.

This job has allowed me to virtually meet great people and learn from their experiences and knowledge, which they are always willing to share, there is always someone happy to help when needed and to welcome you with open arms as an asset for their business.

While working I have been able to expand my knowledge in different topics that I did not know before, in my case, one example is real estate, helping Carlos with his business helps me understand how marketing sales for properties works while I experience first hand how business deals occur.

It is a great feeling to help others with their business’s projects, I try to bring new ideas to the table that can help us work as a team who is always aiming to do things better.

That has been key for me this past months, doing things professionally but always with great care and love, staying enthusiastic for the new challenges and opportunities that are faced daily.

I am so thankful for the opportunity There is Talent has given me to work as one of their VA, this experience has helped me grow so much and I look forward to more successes.

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