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Social Media VAs: The Ultimate Guide

Social Media VAs

Social media VAs are rapidly becoming one of the favorite trends for many entrepreneurs all around the globe.

Actually is not crazy to affirm that in today’s world, it’s much easier to excel in marketing when we have social media VAs. And why is that? Well, let’s take into account that the number of people using social media in the world will reach 3.96 billion by 2021.

We are talking about approximately half of the world’s population. Let that sink in for a moment. Social media is growing at an incredible rate, and businesses cannot ignore this fantastic opportunity.

The issue here is that social media management compiles a lot of time-consuming tasks; if you have a social media VA then you can ride the wave without it meaning less time for yourself.

Let’s talk statistics

As we mentioned earlier, around half of the world’s population uses Social Media. For business owners, it is essential to maintain an online presence for their brand.

  • Of these 3.96 billion people, 99% access websites and apps from their mobile and 1% from their computer.
  • The average person spends around 2 hours 24 minutes on social media.
  • 70% of the U.S. population has social media accounts.
  • The average person in the U.S. has 7 accounts.
  • The most popular platforms in the U.S. are YouTube with 73% usage followed by Facebook with 69%.
  • Women are the highest users of social media in the U.S., making up 76%, leaving men at 72%.
  • The percentage of social media usage compared to the percentage of the U.S. population by race shows that 73% are white, 70% Hispanic, and 69% African American.
  • The biggest consumers are Gen Z with 90% and millennials with 82%.
  • Projections indicate that by 2021, social media will increase to approximately 225.6 million users.

Sources: GWI, Pew Research Center, Statista, Data Reportal

Why you Need a Social Media VA

The business world is highly competitive and changes frequently; so it’s natural to want to keep up with every trend and ride the waves; just remember that not all of them should be done by you.

In order to stay competitive, Social Media VAs keep your company in the game while you maximize your time.

Besides, is necessary to keep in mind we don’t use social media to just connect with family and friends anymore.

Smart companies recognize that in order to position their brands, they must ride the waves when they arrive.

Social Media Consumer

Requirements of the Digital Customer

The use of technology has been growing alongside the world’s population; and today more than ever, after living through a challenging 2020, business owners are aware of the power of social media to connect them with their customers.

For example, last year we saw incredible growth in customer demand; companies had to design many new strategies to meet it.

Add to this the fact that the majority of people using social media are millennials and Gen Z and you have a combination of factors that force companies to keep up with the digital requirements of their customers.

Virtual Assistants to the Rescue

Virtual assistants have been in the market for about 30 years. It all started with secretarial tasks and since then they have been evolving depending on the market need.

Today we can get VAs who are specialists in different branches.

After 2020, the idea of being a digital nomad will be more common. A few years ago, this idea was just beginning to catch on.

This encouraged many young people to develop certain skills that would allow them a freelancer business from anywhere in the world.

With the arrival of the pandemic, remote work became almost mandatory for many people around the world; this ended up promoting the type of work being done by digital nomads years ago.

What can Social Media VAs do?

Let’s start from the premise that a social media manager is not the same as a community manager.

In any case, a social media manager is a person much more versed in the planning processes of strategies.

A community manager is a person who executes such strategies.

In that sense, a specialized VA will develop strategies for the growth and positioning of brands.

And they can also execute some tasks that would generally correspond to a community manager.

Social Media VAs

Social Media VAs can help you with:

#1 Strategies and analysis

You know that in order to measure the effectiveness of your strategies, it is necessary to think quantitatively. Reviewing KPIs and ROI is always necessary to be able to make adjustments that will lead you to deliver valuable content that will also convert followers into fans of your brand. Your social media VA is the right person to help you conduct research, design strategies, analyze results and adjust processes.

#2 Setting up social media accounts

Your VA is a highly trained person to make sure you start getting exposure the right way on social media by verifying that your profiles are optimized and convey your brand’s message.

#3 Account management

Your VA can make sure to establish the best strategies for the correct management of your accounts. Remember that this is the person who will help you implement your social media presence on white papers.

#4 Content creation

It is necessary to meet the requirements and tastes of your audience. Who better understand this than your VA? They can be in charge of creating or verifying all the content for the social networks you use, as well as blogs, and verify the correct use of keywords and SEO strategies that will help you stay in the search engines.

#5 Marketing and Sales

Everything that has to do with promoting posts, creating, certifying, or publishing teasers for launches, designing incentives for your brand followers or existing customers, promoting the sale of products or services through partnerships with podcasters, influencers, among others, are tasks that your VA can take care of.

#6 Customer relationship management

From your favorite CRM tools to offering customer service, your VA can take care of many tasks depending on the priority. This is how they can support you by creating online events, answering customer questions through social media channels, listening to your audience and responding to comments quickly, or monitoring your followers’ engagement.

What skills should a social media VA have?

For a VA to be successful in the position of social media management, they must meet certain requirements that go beyond the studies they may have. The right people for social media management positions should be:

  • Social, creative, and customer-oriented: It seems obvious, but really it is not. Some people who promote themselves as social media VAs get caught up in data and analytics. A good candidate should exemplify what they sell.
  • Excellent project manager with the ability to write and edit efficiently.
  • Emotionally intelligent: A social media VA must be able to empathize and create rapport with the public, as well as know that nothing is personal when dealing with criticism.
  • Flexible, adaptable, with incredible communication skills.
  • Tech-savvy, able to analyze and adjust strategies: A successful social media VA is a critical person able to understand statistics and be able to adjust what is necessary to meet the company’s projections.

Social Media VAs

Where can you get a Social media VA?

Considering the great offer that exists today, it can be overwhelming and almost impossible to find the right person for this position.

On sites like Fiverr or Upwork, you can get many profiles of VAs who claim to have the knowledge and experience to support you with social media management tasks.

Keep in mind that these processes can be extensive and you should dedicate enough time and energy to make sure you get the right person.

Or you can consider hiring an agency like There is Talent where you can find amazing social media VAs.

How do you know which agency is best to hire a Social Media VA?

There are factors that will always tell you how good an agency is, such as cost, quality, mindset, and values.

At There is Talent, we offer customized processes for each client keeping in mind their requirements for the position, the company’s values, and the budget our clients have.

Then, the process begins.

First, we focus on the abilities you’re looking for, then, we filter the candidates to find the best fit with your companies values and finally you get to meet the final candidates. So you can decide what is the right match for your company!

If you want to hire a VA, you can begin by booking a strategic call with our director Claudia and explain what your company is about and specifically what you expect from your VA.

In that way, we can take care of finding a person who not only meets all the requirements of the position but also aligns with your company’s policies and values.

After all, working with people who believe in what we believe in is just as important as those people having the hard skills for the position.

Let’s begin the process of having the perfect match for you!


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