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Remote Teams and Digital Transformation

Remote Teams

Remote teams have become the main support of businesses during this post-pandemic era of digital transformation. Sometimes it becomes difficult to think about how the situation changed around the world and how it affected millions of businesses and ways of working.

A year with drastic changes has forced companies around the world to consider all their options to become more resilient. And while we believe that the hardest part is over, there is still uncertainty about how businesses will develop in the world.

Thinking about building stronger and more visionary businesses, there has been increasing use of cloud solutions; this has allowed them to operate from anywhere.

An evolution that was accelerated due to the circumstances, without a doubt; but that is representing an incredible benefit for all types of companies.

Contact Centers and their Remote Teams

During the pandemic, many contact centers developed strategies to keep their teams working from home. Clearly, it was the circumstances that led thousands of contact centers worldwide to base their operations on cloud services. Some have called it, “cloudshoring”. This term refers to services that are hosted in the cloud and facilitate outsourcing processes for on-shore, off-shore, or nearshore staff.

Some contact centers in Latin America faced the enormous challenge of migrating their operations team to their houses. This represented a massive implementation of strategies that had been developed for remote work. Fortunately, the strategies were successful. The Philippines closed its contact centers, while Latin America was promoting remote work to keep customer service afloat.

Remote Teams

Strong Businesses in The Cloud & Remote Teams

Many businesses learned that the best way to sustain themselves was to have cloud services that would allow them to recover from any eventuality. Today we see many companies using solutions that allow remote teams to manage customer service departments more easily; this is a modality that is quickly becoming a trend testing the traditional business model.

Digital Transformation, Outsourcing and Remote Teams

During the pandemic, most American companies had to relocate their contact centers to accommodate increasing customer demands. This led companies to rely on cloud-based software to facilitate the remote work of their agents. About nine in 10 (89%) contact centers said they were likely to increase reliance on cloud software or had already done so altogether, according to a report released in June 2020 by Calabrio, a maker of workforce optimization systems for contact centers. As a result, work-from-home jobs will remain popular for most agents, especially in Latin America.

The Outsourcing Trend in Latin America

Latin America has become the next big place to outsource administrative, customer service, marketing, and other services or tasks. American companies have realized that in Latin America they can get the best of both the off-shore and on-shore worlds. Labor in Latin America can be as economical as labor in countries like India or the Philippines; plus you can find the same quality, cultural knowledge, and time zones as on-shore labor.

Remote Teams

The Best Outsourcing Solution for Small and Medium-sized Companies

Latin America has position itself as the best option for American companies, especially for startups that are just developing operations and need to keep costs under control.

However, one of the common problems for small and medium-sized companies is that they encounter extensive and costly contracts or waste a lot of time selecting personnel for their departments. That is why agencies such as There is Talent select the right personnel to meet the requirements of companies and offer a proposal free of extensive and costly contracts.

We know that the most important thing for you is results. That’s why we take care of bringing you top agents, experienced in the BPO world that will accompany you to provide the client with an experience that will delight them and help you maintain loyalty.

We can connect you with the right people! Just book a call with our director Claudia to start the process!


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