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A Virtual Assistant for Event Planning is a Great Strategy

Virtual Assistant for Event Planning

It’s no surprise that Covid negatively impacted the event planning industry, the health restrictions made it very difficult to organize gatherings that had numerous guests and created a complicated scenario for this industry. 

Nonetheless, after the restrictions were lifted, the event planning industry was undoubtedly at its peak, and it continues to grow significantly. The Allied Market Research claims that this industry is estimated to reach a value of $1.5529 trillion in 2028, if you are currently working in this industry and you want to be a part of this growth, it might be a great time to hire a virtual assistant for event planning. 

What is a Virtual Assistant for Event Planning?

A VA is an independent contractor who can work remotely from any part of the world. They are able to perform administrative to technical tasks to support the growth of an event planning business. 

Virtual assistants for event planning are highly in demand due to the opportunities outsourcing tasks brings to this type of business. When event planners hire a VA they are able to increase their productivity and obtain more clients while keeping costs down.  There is a long list of tasks you can outsource to a VA, let’s analyze some examples and see how they can benefit your event planning business. 

Schedule Appointments and Meetings

The amount of meetings an event planner handles per day is sometimes overwhelming. Meetings with clients, suppliers, partners, and prospects take most of their time, and keeping an agenda optimized is a must in order to be successful and meet their goals. 

A virtual assistant for event planning can help you keep your appointments on track and also schedule your meetings. They can communicate with your meeting attendees to coordinate your calendar and make your days more productive.

Virtual Assistant for Event Planning 

Event Conceptualization

If you need help in the process of developing a conceptual idea for your events, a specialized virtual assistant might be the right fit for you. A specialized VA is trained in a particular area of expertise, those areas might include finances, marketing, legal advisors, design, etc. 

Oftentimes this type of VAs counts with a university diploma that certifies their experience and knowledge in specific fields. Hiring someone with expertise in conceptualization/design will provide you with more creative ideas that can take your events to the next level while keeping clients satisfied. 

Reminder: A satisfied client means referrals, referrals translate into more sales!

Prospecting for Event Planning Businesses

Prospecting consists of identifying potential leads to create a database. These prospects are people who are likely to work with you, this process should be followed by planned efforts to communicate constantly with them. As an event planner, there should be two groups of potential clients to keep in mind. 

The first group is suspects. This consists of people who you are not certain about how likely they are to require your service because they are not that aware of your offerings, meaning you should improve your efforts to get their attention. 

The second group is prospects, the difference here is that you have made prior contact with prospects. This connection has helped you confirm that they are in need of your offering and might end up closing an event at some point (this might require an incentive like discounts or offers). 

Virtual Assistant for Event Planning

Marketing for Event Planners

The success of this industry brings a lot of competition. The number of party and event planner businesses in the U.S in 2021 was 63.24 thousand according to Statista. You need to develop a strategic marketing strategy that helps you stand out in this industry. 

A marketing VA can help you create content for your social media platforms. Content marketing is about providing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract a specific group of people called your ¨niche¨. This content is then mostly distributed through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

As an event planner having an online presence is a must, a virtual assistant can help you establish your business on different social media platforms, and will also be able to perform different marketing strategies to obtain more clients. 

Inbound Marketing

A virtual assistant for event planning can help you find more clients, here is how. 

This marketing method is based on providing useful content to potential clients to make it easier for them to find you on the internet. This is achievable through the use of content marketing, SEO, SEM, email marketing, advanced marketing automation, and web analytics tools that can get you closer to the end goal; increasing sales and organically attracting more people.

Where to Find a VA for Event Planning

There are basically two ways to get a virtual assistant for event planning business; one is through freelancer platforms and the other is through outsourcing agencies such as There is Talent.

In general, freelancer platforms offer you a direct deal and to be in control of the whole hiring process; however, it is a process that tends to be very time-consuming. With an outsourcing services agency like There is Talent, you can find the match you want, without it costing you time.

The average entrepreneur is busy enough to handle these processes, so we offer ease and practicality while saving you time, and money and getting a VA that will help you leverage and scale your business to the next level.

Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best Spanish-speaking VAs now!


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