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Quit Doing It All Yourself and Get an Executive Virtual Assistant

Executive virtual assistant

With great power comes great responsibility

Stan Lee’s endearing and insightful quote has been noted and used in many scenarios because it takes us to a place of reflection where we are reminded that we are responsible for our decisions, and the greater the power (or influence) we have, the greater our sense of responsibility and commitment must be.

Just as we must be responsible, we must also learn to be balanced.

Many entrepreneurs tend to think that because they own a businesses, they have to do everything themselves. The well-known Atlas complex takes hold of them and they end up carrying all the weight of the company on their backs without realizing. Instead of growing the business, they’re pinned down by it.

Drop Micromanagement

Micromanagement is an evil that consumes many entrepreneurs today. It seems to be the result of the Atlas complex coupled with an overriding need to control everything; that is, to manage things in a specific way which means correcting details in every department every day.

When you’ve filled your plate with more than you can eat, then you’re at a point where you need to stop or you’re going to get sick. It’s as simple as that.

The best strategy you can use to efficiently manage your business is to delegate.

Yes, delegating can be difficult at the beginning because it is your company and you want things done your way thinking its the only way to get things done. But if you keep an open mind and surround yourself with the right people, the delegation process will not be a nightmare but rather an incredible relief for you.


How can executive virtual assistants help you?

Virtual assistants have been in the market almost as soon as the Internet became available. They have refined their skills so they can cover the main requirements of entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium businesses. This is how virtual assistants have been trained to cover not only secretarial tasks but also more specialized ones that are a key part of any business.

Main tasks of an executive virtual assistant

Agenda management

Your assistant can take care of keeping all your appointments up to date, make reminders, schedule, confirm and cancel appointments for you, check available spaces, among other details.

Taking care of calls

Your virtual assistant can take charge of making all the necessary calls to your clients, prospects, suppliers, partners, lawyers, in short, to all the people you need to communicate with on a frequent basis and update the information for you.

Email Management

Have you ever had so many emails that you don’t even know where to start? Well, with an executive virtual assistant you can say goodbye to this cumbersome process. Your VA can take care of filtering, organizing, and answering the necessary emails for you and updating you on the information you need to handle yourself.

email management

Client management

Your executive virtual assistant can also be in charge of calling your customers, handling questions and complaints, helping them to follow up on a sale or solve a problem they may have.

Database Entry

Another of the main tasks of an executive virtual assistant is to help you keep your databases organized and updated. In this sense, they can also help you with the use of CRM tools so that you don’t miss any opportunity to improve customer interaction, convert a prospect or follow up on a process.

Communication with other employees

Sometimes you may need to communicate with a specific employee but also keep focused on growing your business. This is when your executive virtual assistant can be a communication bridge between you and your employees.

Manage Social Media

One of the tasks that are a fundamental part of the basis of any business is the management of your online presence through the different networks that exist and those that are most appropriate for your business.

Online reputation is a fundamental factor to sustain an authority figure. Your executive virtual assistant can be in charge of managing your online presence, listening to what your audience is saying about your brand, interacting with them, and sharing relevant content.

In a nutshell

Hiring an executive virtual assistant to perform these tasks, among others for you and your company, will automatically free you from a huge amount of work and free up time for you to spend on the things that are essential for you to handle.

There are many entrepreneurs and business owners who have found in virtual assistants the answer to the question “How to grow faster and sustainably?” When you have a person trained, experienced, and willing to make the basis of your business their source of work, you will see how your business begins to grow exponentially.

Virtual assistants are here to stay and every day new markets are opening up. That’s why at There is Talent we have built an incredible team of virtual assistants, carefully selected from the top of Latin America professionals to deliver the benefits of the nearshore world: competitive costs compared to the Asian market, competitive quality with the U.S. market, incredible customer service and best of all, in the same time zone!

If you want to know more details, book a strategic call with our director Claudia and we will find the best option for your business requirements.


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