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Looking for a Virtual Assistant in Pacific Time? We’ve got you covered!

Virtual Assistant in Pacific time

Have you tried working with a virtual assistant before but time zones were always a problem? Hiring a virtual assistant on pacific time is the solution to your problem! Working in similar time zones is crucial for companies that like to stay organized and be more productive with time.  In this blog, we are going to tell you about all of the benefits that come with having a team working on the same hours, as well as how you can hire a VA in your time zone starting today! 

Understanding Time Zones

The first issue arrives when employees need to remember each of the time zones of their team members. Time zones are very tricky and your team should only have to worry about following their own working schedule. To prevent this from happening you can make sure you hire a team that is under the same time zone, if you are on pacific time we are going to tell you where you can build your remote team that works under the same schedule. 

Benefits of Hiring Talent Abroad

When you decide to expand your team and look for talent outside of your home country, you might face many challenges but the benefits definitely outweigh them. One big pro is the expanded talent pool. Your possibilities of finding great talent are endless once you choose to hire globally. Keep in mind that if you hire talent from parts of the world such as Asia or Europe, there might be up to 18 hours of time difference. Nonetheless, if you decide to hire talent from Latin America you get to work with professionals who work in the same time zone as you. 

Challenges of Working in Different Time Zones

The most significant challenge is communication. Remote teams have to find a specific time that works for all team members in order to have smooth communication. A great example is arranging meetings, this can be an extremely hard thing to do when you have people from all parts of the world with different time zones. As a result, you might have to push back deadlines, delaying everyone’s work and decreasing productivity. 

Hiring a virtual assistant on pacific time erases this problem completely, even though they are not based in the US like you, they work under the same hours as you do. 

Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant in Pacific Time?

Latin American countries have time zones very similar to the pacific time. Countries like Colombia are only 2 hours ahead of Pacific time, which does not make a big difference in a working schedule. Colombia is a wonderful country in South America where over the last years there has been a growing demand for virtual assistants. Continue reading to learn more about virtual assistants based in Colombia

Virtual Assistants from Colombia

Professionals from this part of the world have gained a lot of popularity in the last years, mainly because of their quality of work and their kindness which captivated the attention of big multinationals and made Colombia ranked third in The A.T Kearney’s Latin America service location indicator. Their optimism makes them stand out, Colombians believe that their life will continually improve, rather than focusing on the possibility of things going wrong. This explains their friendly and positive personality. 

These are two important characteristics you need to consider before hiring a virtual assistant; keep in mind that your worker’s attitude has a direct impact on your business.

Price is another benefit that has made Colombians so appealing to entrepreneurs who wish to outsource talent globally. Hiring a virtual assistant from Colombia can save entrepreneurs anywhere from 40%- 75% on expenses compared to hiring one based in the U.S. This is a relevant factor business owners take into account when searching for talent outside of their home country or if they are just now considering employing an extra team member. 

Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant on Pacific Time?

If you are considering hiring a remote worker, at There is Talent we can save you recruiting time by presenting you with the most professional VAs in Colombia.

We know that hiring someone to join your team is an important step you will be taking as an entrepreneur and that’s why we want to support you along the way.  Do you want to know more about our team and what they can do for your business? Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best Spanish-speaking remote workers!


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