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Learn About the Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants for Therapists

Virtual Assistants for Therapists

Whether we are talking about PT, PTA, OT, COTA, or SLP, running a healthcare business can be very challenging, especially if the focus is on the private sector. Among many strategies, hiring virtual assistants for therapists has become a favorite.

The challenges of managing a private practice in the healthcare sector are very similar to any other type of business venture.

There are administrative tasks, accounting, marketing and sales, customer service, among others. And all are necessary to run a successful business in any industry.

Soon, therapists have found themselves with little time to handle all the necessary tasks. And that’s because maintaining a successful private practice depends not only on in-session customer service but on many other factors. For example, if you’re too focused on good care but forget about accounting, you’re going to have a problem.

This is why it is so necessary to delegate so that you can attend to all the essential tasks without costing you your own health.

Virtual Assistants for Therapists at the Covid Juncture

We have all been affected in one way or another by the pandemic. Some businesses have been forced to close, others have had to migrate to digital media. And in a therapist’s private practice, we have seen the rise of digital platforms to promote their services.

Many therapists are using various platforms to communicate with their clients. This is how their private practice has stayed afloat in the midst of the Covid juncture.

The way it is working successfully for many therapists is to rely on remote equipment. The only time there is physical contact is when the therapist is with his or her patient.

Virtual assistants for therapists in the U.S. are helping not only to keep their practices afloat but to expand their businesses. The way virtual assistants are supporting therapists is by performing several essential tasks.

Virtual Assistants for Therapists

How do Virtual Assistants for Therapists Support Practice Growth?

As mentioned earlier, the main support is through the execution of essential tasks. In addition, having virtual assistants for therapists helps minimize costs. If you also have virtual assistants in Latin America, you have the added bonus of working in the same time zones.

Virtual assistants have been becoming the most frequent tool used by professionals and business people in the USA. This is because of the above-mentioned: cost savings, better use of time, and similar time zones.

It is important to have people working in the same time zones especially if they are focused on customer service. And we emphasize this because we have observed that many clients come to us with doubts because they have worked with virtual assistants in different time zones. They were not very convinced by the results and therefore decided to deal with virtual assistants in Latin America. The improvement in work processes and ease of communication made them prefer us!

What Tasks Do Virtual Assistants for Therapists Perform?

With virtual assistants, you can find a wide range of services, from administrative to specialized. General virtual assistants take care of secretarial-type tasks such as agenda management and email. You can also find virtual assistants specialized in accounting, which is usually one of the most extensive and delicate tasks of any business.

So to make it much clearer for you, we are going to share with you a list of essential tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant for therapists:

General Administration

Your virtual assistant for therapists can take care of various administrative tasks that will save you a lot of time. Needless to say, this time is necessary to focus on both your practice and your break.

Some of the main tasks are:

1. Handling corporate emails.
2. Client scheduling
3. Data entry of new clients
4. Telephone attention for doubts and scheduling

Client management

A virtual assistant for therapists is often sought after to support the service to patients. Among the main tasks we can find:

1. Setting up new clients in your EHR
2. Sending intake documents to new clients
3. Appointment confirmations and rescheduling to patients.

Insurance Verification

Virtual assistants for therapists make sure that your patients can use their insurance for treatments and services.

Among the main tasks we can find:

1. Verification of benefits online or through the insurance phone line
2. Verification of co-payments paid per session.
3. Sending invoices and statements to patients
4. Updating client credit cards
5. Follow-up of sessions pending payment

Virtual Assistants for Therapists

Human Resources and Billing

There are some tasks that can be considered administrative tasks that are performed in the human resources area, such as:

1. Sending weekly reports to the therapists with outstanding client balances.
2. Assisting with a patient turnover when a therapist leaves their practice (in the case of working with a group and not private practice).
3. Support with screening new hires for a group practice.
4. Payroll calculation

Digital Marketing

Virtual assistants for therapists can support in various ranges and one of the most required is digital marketing. Let’s see why:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) for websites.
2. Blog content creation
3. Website maintenance
4. Social Media Management

As we can see, virtual assistants for therapists can support a wide range of tasks. Most important of all, you find a skilled person who also helps you cut costs and maximize your time.

Hiring Virtual Assistants for Therapists in Latin America

Virtual assistants for therapists in Latin America are ready to help you manage your practice more efficiently.

If you have never worked with virtual assistants before, we will quickly guide you through the process!

The most important thing once you have defined the tasks to delegate is to focus on how you want to hire your virtual assistant. You see, you can choose to search on directory platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, post an ad explaining your requirements and then review the profiles that best fit. The problem with this way of hiring is that you will spend a lot of time filtering through the possible candidates.

We already know that you don’t have a lot of free time and that is one of the reasons why you need support. So, how about relying on a VA agency like There is Talent?

We will take care of the entire selection process once you have communicated your needs to us. Finally, you will be able to interview your top matches and decide which is your ideal VA. Or you can also leave this step to us and meet the virtual assistant we have chosen from our directory for you.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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