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Keep a Business Organized with an Administrative Virtual Assistant

Administrative Virtual Assistant

There is an important role in a business that is sometimes overlooked and that is an administrative assistant position. In order to ensure productive interactions inside a company, there needs to be someone with the intention of meeting the requirements of others and ultimately the needs of the company.

If you fail at keeping your business organized and often handle too many tasks, chances are you are underperforming. An administrative virtual assistant can plan and execute tasks based on your company’s needs.

Keep reading to learn some of the tasks you can delegate to a VA to save money and time. 

What Are The Duties of an Administrative Virtual Assistant?

If there is something administrative virtual assistants hold is their excellent communication skills and upbeat attitude. The tasks they are able to perform vary in every industry, nonetheless, there are general office duties most companies demand. 

Below we provide some examples:

Planning and scheduling

Meeting deadlines and being punctual define successful business models. If you are constantly scheduling appointments or arranging meetings, you can delegate these tasks to a VA to ensure your days’ flow as smoothly as planned. 


Bookkeeping is the process of tracking and recording financial transactions on a regular basis. With proper bookkeeping companies have access to reliable financial information which is determinant when making important decisions for revenue and income goals.

Having someone that understands the financial aspects of your business keeps you organized and in control, plus you’ll always be aware of your financial obligations to meet them on time and prevent revenue loss. 

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Office Tasks

An administrative virtual assistant can perform basic office tasks like filing and organizing files, generating reports, and presentations, and recording the minutes of meetings. Most importantly a VA should always be prepared and responsible, willing to help others overcome challenges. 

Important Characteristics to Look For Before Hiring an Administrative Virtual Assistant

To obtain better results business owners should look for the following attributes in the possible candidates for this rigorous position. Consider the selection process of this role very important, since you will be handing this person a significant area of your business. 

Strong Work Ethic

This job requires sustained effort to achieve a goal or result, especially when overcoming obstacles. You need someone that focuses on the possibilities of things going right, and that always wants to be the best at what they do. 

Look for determination and confidence, these two attributes will make an administrative VA stand out from the rest.

Time Management

Planning and controlling how much time needs to be spent on different tasks it’s the first step to have a productive day at work. Time management allows workers to complete more in less time so an administrative VA should know how to work under pressure while delivering great results. 


When you hire reliable employees your business will be more efficient as a result. A good team who has been trained well will know exactly what they have to do. In the end, this efficiency can save you money, allow you to increase profits, and impress your clients.Virtual Assistant

Positive Attitude

Among the traits that best characterize Latinos, we must highlight two special attributes. The first one is their optimism, most Latin Americans believe that their life will constantly improve, rather than focusing on the possibility of things going wrong. This explains their friendly and positive personality. 

These are two important characteristics you need to consider before hiring a virtual assistant; keep in mind that your worker’s attitude has a direct impact on your business.


One of the goals a company should achieve when hiring an administrative virtual assistant is organization. When a business is organized and has established processes everything flows more easily. 

Nothing causes more stress than an unorganized work environment, clutter is the rival of creativity. 

Steps To Follow When Hiring an Administrative Virtual Assistant

If you are ready to hire an administrative virtual assistant, you can get them privately, that is, through freelance directory platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or through agencies such as There is Talent.

With a freelancer directory platform, you have to dedicate yourself to the selection of the ideal person for the position. One of the important and sometimes ignored details is that you can’t always find the expected quality of work.

Without a doubt, the best place to find a VA is in Latin America, mainly because of the time zones but also because of the familiarity with the American culture.

There is a growing demand for administrative virtual assistants in Latin America because business owners have discovered their potential, which is characterized by positive personalities and strong work ethic. In Latin America, you have highly trained, customer service savvy, and bilingual people who are time and money savers.

At There is Talent, we are proud to have an incredible team of virtual assistants that meet all of our clients’ requirements.

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