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Improve your Marketing Campaigns with a Virtual Assistant for Automation!

Virtual assistant for automation

A virtual assistant for automation can help you with many tasks in addition to your advertising campaigns.

Marketing is a fundamental part of any business, but some jobs take a long time to complete. It is for this reason that automation has become one of the best tools to support marketing strategies.

In today’s world, there are many platforms that help companies of all sizes to improve their marketing campaigns; this is why you may find yourself spending time trying to find the best alternatives for your company.

What is Marketing Automation?

First of all, we must make it clear that when we talk about automation we are referring to marketing automation. Thus, it is the use of technology to automate actions and processes. This reduces manual work and increases the efficiency of actions.

Marketing automation is the main tool to nurture and drive leads to the point of purchase.

Many think that any action performed automatically – such as following back or scheduling posts on social networks – is already Marketing Automation in its full form.

But these are just simple actions and fall far short of what we consider effective Marketing Automation. To achieve this, you need to understand people’s interactions with your company on different channels. Only then will it be possible to understand what stage your Lead is in and make attractive offers.

Marketing Automation

Benefits of having a Virtual Assistant for Automation in your company

Investing in a Virtual Assistant for Automation makes it possible to increase sales and revenue, reduce acquisition costs and improve customer retention.

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits:

Nurturing leads that are not ready

There are many cases in which the customer is not ready to buy. This may be because they have exhausted their budget, have other priorities, or are not yet convinced. In any case, a Virtual Assistant for automation can help you program the processes that will help improve your company’s relationship with the customer.

More effectiveness in the funnel

Through user behavior, a Virtual Assistant for Automation can identify the buying stage and interests of each potential customer, sending the right content to take them to the next stage through the most assertive platform for the company.

Less recurring work for Marketing

The lead preparation done by Marketing for sales is largely automated. Of course, there is a lot of VA effort for automation in Marketing in terms of creating the “paths” that different Leads should follow; however, when you tweak those paths, you don’t have to spend all your time starting from scratch and creating lots of new things.

Virtual Assistant for Automation

Salespeople receive the most prepared leads

The conversations a Virtual Assistant for automation can have with salespeople are very different when the Leads are just starting to discover the topic and when they have done their research, understand themselves well, their needs, and just want support in making the final decision.

If Leads are better prepared, salespeople need fewer stages and fewer contact hours to achieve the sale.

More productivity for salespeople

With all the initial stages of the sales process driven by the automation tool and pre-created content, salespeople achieve higher productivity, in different ways. If the tool does the job well, salespeople feel more comfortable focusing on the Leads that are most ready and trust that the Leads that are not yet at the right time will come back after some time.

Since there is no need to do all the initial education, they can also specialize in the later stages of the process, ensuring a higher closing rate.

Important Details to Remember When Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Automation

Most VAs out there are professionals with a certain degree of experience and knowledge that help entrepreneurs with their repetitive and time-consuming tasks; however, it is important to note that if you are looking for a specialized Virtual Assistant, keep in mind that rates change.

Most specialized VAs are found in places like Fiverr or Upwork and can cost anywhere from $8 USD to $200 USD depending on their expertise.

At There is Talent we have a great team of VAs who are always willing to learn and that is why we recommend the training to every client.

All companies are different and hiring a VA does not mean that you will be able to implement your tasks at will. You must take into account the learning process of your VA for automation and prepare it according to the procedures in your company.

If you want to learn more about what a VA for automation can do, book your strategy call!


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