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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction With a VA

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the principal targets of every company; although not all of them know how to provide their customers with great experiences, it seems that this crazy year has helped businesses around the world to address customer satisfaction even if they don’t know it yet.

The Year That Changed it All

2020 has been a particular year, to say the least. We have had great global changes in various areas and industries.

One of the most affected areas of businesses was Customer Service.

According to a report from the Claes Fornell International Group or CFI, customer satisfaction has decreased 4 points compared to 2019, positioning itself at 68%.

The information for this year represents one of the lowest numbers reached by this annual analysis since the studies began.

Needless to say, this represents a huge challenge for business owners who need to enhance their customer services more than ever and are facing more demanding consumers.

Taking into account the above, it is important to emphasize that this year has also taught us all that reinvention is important and that remote work is one of the best options for entrepreneurs, especially if they want to think about the projection that their business has.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

How can you enhance customer service so that it does not represent an expense but an investment?

You guessed it: by relying on remote team services and, above all, on virtual assistants.

We have discussed before the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, but if you still don’t have it very clear, we invite you to review our articles on it.

Here, we will summarize the importance of hiring remote and specialized personnel to improve the way you do business.

Customer Satisfaction and Nearshore VAs

It is very common that business owners eventually find themselves in a kind of plateau shortly after launching their brand.

This happens because, in order for the company to continue growing, the team must concentrate on attending too many tasks trying not to neglect those that constitute the base of the company.

Then they reach a point where they can’t accomplish everything because they don’t have the time or the resources necessary to hire a team in the same space.

That’s why a nearshore virtual assistant represents the best investment for an entrepreneur: speaks the same language, similar time zones, and significant cost reduction.

customer satisfaction VA

Cycles of Customer Satisfaction

Now that we have gone over some benefits of hiring staff for remote work, let’s move on to what concerns us in this article.

And that is: what are some of the ways in which companies can boost customer satisfaction in today’s consumer-centered landscape by hiring a virtual assistant?

We will now discuss the essential aspects of this approach:

In every business, we can see that there is a significant cycle of preparation, delivery, and feedback.

This cycle is a result of the way in which all types of business are done: the necessary tools, the team, the strategies planned, the plan put into action, and feedback requested.

Then, we go back to the plan and adjust what is necessary in order to get closer to the objectives set for the company.


As we mentioned before, it is necessary to be able to establish the objectives of the company and to have all the necessary tools to be able to reach the objectives.

In this stage, it is important to emphasize the culture of the company and the way to address the concerns of the clients.

Also important is the profile of the team that is going to be representing the company; your staff needs to be on the same page as your company values.

This stage must be clear enough to be able to apply it later.


It is important to have a multi-channel platform so that you can provide the best experience to your customers.

Your representatives must take personal responsibility to support the customer in their needs, as well as show product knowledge and go beyond customer expectations.

We know that today it is all about the relationships we build with both employees and customers, so it is important that if your focus is on taking care of your customers, you can also have a good relationship with your employees.

A virtual assistant can be invaluable support for your customer care area when you hold weekly alignment and calibration meetings.

Your virtual assistant can educate your customer on the proper use of your product and also be their main support in making them feel comfortable with your product.

With an empathetic virtual assistant, your customers can have a great experience instead of feeling disregarded.

One of your customer service channels can definitely be through social media, an area in which most virtual assistants are trained and which represents a very important aspect related to your online image.

Remember that online reviews and recommendations are an important part of keeping a business afloat.

customer satisfaction review


Use surveys as action plans; keep track of your customers’ reviews, study complaints as well as compliments, and ask for more feedback.

Customers should be the focus of every business. The market is becoming more and more competitive and what you are not attending efficiently, your competition will attend.

With each survey you conduct, you have the power to create a better experience for your users; feedback tells you about the efficiency of your VA and if the channels you’re using are the right ones; if the times you are handling are efficient for your customers or if the product has flaws that need correcting.

Virtual Assistants are the Key to Customer Satisfaction

Virtual assistants can focus on very different tasks. While you have some virtual assistants attending to your customers, other VAs can analyze the results you get.

Keep in mind that with each VA you hire, you reduce costs and leverage your business in efficient ways.

Always remember that it is important to keep listening to your customer’s needs through constant interaction with them.

You can do it through social media or satisfaction surveys. It is essential that your customers have a unique experience with your brand; that includes paying constant attention to them.

Your VAs can give your customers all the attention they need to know how important they are to you.

To sum up, virtual assistants represent a huge gain for your business and an incredible improvement in customer satisfaction when they focus on real-time interaction tools such as chats on your website or social networks, so your customers are immediately serviced when a problem or question arises and they don’t have to be turning to more sophisticated channels that represent a greater amount of time invested and an increase in dissatisfaction.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer; they will be associated with your business for a long time. And you can count on them for recommendations and organic growth.

Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant yet?


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