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How to Improve Your Communication With Your Clients

Communication Skills

Communication is more necessary today than ever in a world with technology growing at an accelerated pace and where customer communication processes are being automated to save time and money.

To promote the digitization of companies, a lot of software programs have been enhanced.

Everything seemed to be in order until the use of bots to communicate with customers starts to be prioritized.

What do customers need?

More than ever they need human contact.

Automating all processes in a company can lead to savings in time and money, yes; but in the long run, it creates a barrier with the customer. This can make them feel displaced or not taken into account.

When we have customers who do not feel like a part of the brand, we can expect losses to ensue quickly. Remember, customers don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it.

If your purpose is not aligned with a personalized treatment towards your customers, you can kiss your company goodbye.

How to Improve Communication Skills?

It is true that times change and that it is very necessary to keep up with new trends. However, it is also important to maintain some basics, especially regarding effective communication.

Effective or assertive communication consists of being able to really listen to what your client has to say and respond taking into account their arguments. As in life itself, whoever hears to respond instead of listening to understand, quickly gets into communication problems. On the other hand, if you dedicate a good part of your strategy to creating good communication channels for your customers, and have the right team, your company will deliver an experience that promotes the return and recommendation of your brand.

Customer recommendation

Communication Skills that will take you to the next level

There is a phrase that says “how you do one thing, you do everything”. If you reflect a little on this, you will realize that it is true; it all starts at home. Try to review how your personal communication skills are doing and how this perspective has influenced the way you communicate in your company.

Now, consider the following tips to improve or enhance your team’s communication skills with your customers.

Human-to-human connection

Many times we fall into the distracting trap of B2B or B2C when really we are all humans looking to do business with other humans.

Remember that humans are social beings and need contact with their peers to develop in society.

Personalized contact makes your customer feel unique and taken into account.

If you have any doubts about how this should look, think about what you, as a customer, would like to find in your brand.

Knowledge is key

A poorly prepared staff is one of the most common mistakes some companies make. This tends to happen especially in contact centers, where hiring staff quickly is more important than training them properly. The result always tends to be very bad, both for the staff and the customer. Make sure you have a team that is well prepared; they should be fully aware of your brand, procedures, and any questions a customer may have. Remember that the foundation of the customer experience is the trust they have in your brand, and there can be no trust if you don’t show that you know what you are doing.

Communication Skills

The best communication skill is listening

Let’s talk honestly, your product or service may be very good, but it is not perfect. Your customer is the one who has the last word in this aspect. Though it is true that not all suggestions can be taken into account, it is also true that your customer’s feedback is extremely important.

Learn to listen to what your customer says about your brand through social networks, surveys in every interaction with a representative, or through any other customer service channel you have developed such as chats and emails. Based on what your customer tells you, you will need to make some adjustments. Sometimes it is not about what you offer but how you offer it. Your customer is a fundamental part of your strategy; knowing how to listen is one of the most important communication skills to take into account for the growth of your company.

Tailor-made Solutions That Will Help You Communication Skills

At There is Talent, we know how important it is to be able to communicate your brand message to the market. That is why we have developed a proposal for American companies looking for the best cost-value relationship. We have a highly qualified team of virtual assistants and customer service agents. They are experts on the BPO world, fully bilingual, and know very well the American culture.

We connect each of our clients with the perfect match for their company! It all starts with a strategic call with our director Claudia who is the ideal person to discuss your requirements and who communicates them to us to find a fit for you. We look forward to your call to begin the journey to expanding your business!


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