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How Remote Workers Are Helping Physicians Manage their Practice

Physicians remote team

The demand for remote workers is growing more than ever in these post-pandemic times; it has become a priority for a lot of business owners all over the world and physicians are no exception to that.

Let’s talk honestly. You began to develop your practice to help people improve their health and quality of life. However, after having gone through one of the most difficult years in recent history, it is becoming quite difficult to maintain order in your day to day. Whether it’s because the number of consultations has escalated, administrative tasks have increased, or because you need to increase your appointments, there is no doubt that you could use a hand.

So, you may be asking yourself how a person in another part of the world can help you maintain order or help fill in your schedule?

Well, there are people, professionals, who have dedicated themselves to training in administrative, accounting, customer service, marketing and other areas, and who also find great benefit in remote work.

At There is Talent we have two main profiles of remote workers: virtual assistants and customer support agents.

Virtual assistants are people who can perform almost any task that can be outsourced. It all depends on what our clients need since we have a great team of professionals who are helping business owners reduce their workload, improve their time management and dedicate themselves to the growth of their company.

Our customer support agents are people specialized in BPO work that is on the rise in Latin America and more specifically in Colombia. They are experts in complaint management, retention, promotions, bill organization, medical insurance contacts, among others.

Remote worker

You might say, well that sounds great. But how can they help me manage my practice?

Let’s take a look!


As we mentioned before, a virtual assistant can take care of daily tasks that might be handled by a secretary or receptionist, but the novelty lies in that it will cost you much less. Some of the administrative tasks that a virtual assistant can do for you are: calendar management, scheduling appointments, confirming appointments, organizing, reading and responding to emails, sending electronic bills, sending exams, medical records, billing patients, contacting health insurance companies to find out about a patient’s coverage.

Remote Workers Can Manage Accounting & Finance

An important part of business and life is keeping clear accounts. A virtual assistant can help you keep your books up to date, as well as reconciling bank accounts and credit cards, organizing accounts payable and receivable, organizing payroll, contacting health insurance companies for payment statements, among others.


A virtual assistant can help you offer your practice through the different networks that best fit your profile, as well as create promotional content that helps you stay in constant contact with your prospects.

A virtual assistant can also help you improve the use of CRM tools, create content for your website, blog or even create valuable content to deliver to your customers in exchange for their emails. If you still don’t know about these, they are documents called “lead magnets” and are one of the preferred ways to get information from prospects in exchange for valuable information for them. An example of this might be a guide to the best skincare tips if we assume you are a dermatologist.

Marketing tasks

Customer Support Through Remote Workers

Everything in life is about experiences and your practice is no exception. From the moment a person comes in contact with your office, they are having an experience, seeing a post on a social network, seeing a web ad, reading a blog article, or calling to make an appointment, everything is an experience. That is why it is necessary to give special dedication to the customer support area.

Whether it is an office or a clinic, patients want to have the best possible attention, especially when it is a private space. And as in every business, happy clients are loyal customers and represent the best letter of recommendation in the market.

So, while your virtual assistants are in charge of promoting your services and scheduling ever-increasing appointments, your customer support agents are in charge of channeling all the questions and observations of your clients in order to have all your fronts covered.

Whether you need one person or thirty, we have just what you are looking for.

At There is Talent, we have a fully bilingual, professional, and experienced Colombian staff that can not only accompany you in the process of keeping your practice organized but also help you get more appointments, with the added benefit of working at the same time zone and being much cheaper than on-site staff.

Would you like to know more?

Book a call today with our director Claudia and she will be happy to explain all the ways our team of remote workers can help you manage your practice more successfully!


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