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How Real Estate VAs Can Help You Improve Your Email List and CRM


Where to start with Real Estate VAs?

Among so many offers in the market, it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what real estate VAs do, and also, as the VAs market has been expanding, they are becoming more specialized.

Some time ago when the trend of VAs began, they were basically in charge of secretarial tasks such as managing agendas, reservations, confirming appointments, database entry, transcription, among others.

Today, we find a much more specialized VA market, some in accounting areas, others in marketing, sales, real estate, social media, programming, design, to name a few areas.

So you can hire a specialized VA to take care of specific tasks in your organization or you can get a general VA.

What do general VAs do for your Real Estate Business?

Given the transformations in businesses all over the world, many of the VAs that exist today not only handle secretarial tasks like the ones mentioned above but have been trained to also fulfill the basic requirements that most business owners (like Real Estate agents o realtors) have no matter which industry their company is in.

Some of these tasks are agenda management, calendar organization, appointment confirmation, data entry, inbound email management, CRM tool management, content creation for newsletters, social media, and websites.

As you will see, there are some tasks that are necessary for all businesses, so a real estate VA may be one of the best options for your business.

Email Lists and CRM Management

Today we’d like to talk to you about the importance of a virtual assistant in developing a solid foundation for taking care of your email list and CRM.

Real Estate VA

Email List

If you don’t have an email list it’s probably because there are some other tasks to take care of, like creating content for lead magnets or newsletters.

You can have your VA creating content to offer your readers valuable information in exchange for their emails and feed the prospect list, or you can have your VA creating content to feed the newsletter you offer either daily, weekly, monthly, or however it is most relevant to your Real Estate business.

After you have acquired your prospect list, your VA can take care of organizing them in your preferred CRM tool.


Let’s remember that CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is a software that feeds on the database of your customers or prospects so that you know at what stage of purchase each person is if you should follow up or close a deal, among some of the benefits.

In the market, you can get some free tools such as the one Hubspot offers, which is quite easy to use and also offers email management.

If you are not familiar with these tools, that’s okay, you have a virtual assistant for that. Your virtual assistant is trained to handle these tools and facilitate your processes of attraction, database organization, and follow-up processes.

The Growing Trend

VAs are an almost indispensable resource today, especially for business owners looking for the best value for money.

They represent an integration of traditional personal assistants with the best of a specialized member of your team.

If we also talk about the fact that your virtual assistant is in Latin America, the benefits increase because a Latin American virtual assistant offers you costs competitive with the Asian market and quality competitive with the U.S. market.

You are getting the best of both markets in one: nearshore virtual assistants.

Nearshore virtual assistant

Latino Virtual Assistants

In addition to finding all these benefits and having a specialized virtual assistant to support you in the processes of attraction and database management, you can also count on your virtual assistant to take care of customer support.

We are talking about email follow-up, inbound and outbound calls, chats, social media messenger, among other possibilities.

Another reason why you want to have a Latino virtual assistant is that they are the best options to take care of customer support for your company. They are friendly people, with a vocation for service, experienced in this area as well, it is almost an innate talent of Latinos to provide customer service.

They also have a facility to understand the American culture, provide the best customer service in an efficient manner and they work in the same time zone!

Real Estate VAs For Your Business

As you will see, real estate VAs can help you in the processes of lead generation, conversion, and customer service, but also a nearshore or Latin virtual assistant can give you extra benefits that you will not get in other markets.

That is why in There is Talent, we have dedicated our efforts to select the best talent in Latin America to not only meet your requirements but you will find in our team, a member of yours, after all, we are here to help you facilitate the processes of your company and allow you exponential growth.

If you want to know more details of our proposal, book a strategic call with our director, Claudia, we will dispel all your doubts and support you at the beginning of your way to an inevitable expansion.


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