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How a Virtual Assistant for YouTube Helps Your Business

Virtual Assistant for YouTube

YouTube is a very important video platform for businesses. It is the second-largest search engine in the world and the perfect place to communicate to a wide audience. Even with all the benefits this platform has, it can be tricky to set it up and promote your business. 

If you have recently considered posting your content on YouTube, and need extra help setting up your account and managing it the right way, keep reading! Here is how a Virtual assistant for YouTube can help you grow your business:

Setting up your YouTube Account

The first step you need to take to start posting your videos on Youtube is to create an account. To stand out from the rest and engage with users properly, it will be best to customize your account with relevant business information. Youtube is very different from other platforms like Facebook or Linkedin, so there are other features you will need to consider before you start posting your videos. 

If you are short on time, we recommend hiring a virtual assistant for Youtube to make this process more simple and additionally enjoyable. 

Steps to Customize your YouTube Profile

Once you have created your account, try to use the following steps as a checklist before you post your first video. Although you could start posting videos immediately, not having your page properly set up can delay your results and lower your chances of driving traffic to your business.


Add Business Information

It’s very important to let your viewers know about your business. In the ¨About¨ section, your VA can add a short summary of your business and your channel. Any relevant information about your brand should be stated in the most concise way possible. 

Tip: You should always end this statement with a short call to action. 

After, you will find a ¨Links Section¨.  You will be able to add your business website, a link to other social media pages, or any relevant link you use to direct your viewers. The great thing about this section is that you can include up to 5 links.

If you hire a virtual assistant for Youtube, ensure it is someone who properly understands SEO. 

Remember: Youtube works as a search engine, so the more keywords you use the more visibility in Youtube searches you’ll get. 

Channel Trailer

Creating a short video introduction to your channel will let your viewers know what to expect from you. Try to make it engaging and fun while also informative. Youtube rewards accounts with unique content, people who are not afraid to show their personalities. The more authentic you are in your videos, the more your viewers will connect with you. 

Save Time: Hire a Virtual Assistant for YouTube to Edit your Videos

Youtube is the perfect platform to focus on if you want to reach a wider audience, nonetheless not many businesses use it because of the time and effort it requires. To be successful on Youtube you’ll need a plan to execute quality videos. If you don’t have the time this requires, you will end up quitting very soon.

It is very important to build a timeline for your posting schedule, brainstorm topics for your content, and most importantly take the time to film and edit those video ideas. We know you are a busy entrepreneur, that doesn’t have 10 hours a week to sit down and edit hours of footage. 

By hiring a virtual assistant for Youtube you can delegate all the time-consuming tasks and just enjoy the benefits this platform will bring to your business.

Virtual Assistant for Youtube

Video Editing Software for Youtube

For your virtual assistant to deliver the best videos, they will need to use some sort of video editing software. 

Here are 3 recommendations for video editing software that are both free or paid to make editing more simple and videos more appealing to viewers. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It’s a professional software to edit any kind of video. It can be used for iOS, macOS, and Windows. It has a very convenient user interface, plenty of customizable features, and advanced tools. 

You can subscribe for a full year for $239.88. 

Apple iMovie

This software is only compatible with Apple products, which means it’s free for Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad. If you are looking for simple and user-friendly software for your VA this is your best alternative. 


This free software works on Windows, OS X, and Linux. You place video and audio fragments on the timeline and apply effects and captions. Then you can convert the result into a video file. 

Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant for YouTube?

At There is Talent we have a great team of VAs who are always willing to learn. There are always new things to discover from social media platforms like Youtube, that’s why you need a tech-savvy VA that enjoys researching and learning new things. 

There are mainly two ways to get a VA for a business, one is through directory platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Another way is through outsourcing agencies like There is Talent.

The main difference is that with Agencies, you save recruiting time and gain the security that the job will always get done.

At There is Talent we have monthly plans where we offer you support and follow-up as well as a VA backup.

Learn more about our plans and book your strategic call right now!


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