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How a VA for Lead Qualification Can Boost Your Company’s Growth

VA for Lead Qualification

Having a VA for Lead qualification helps business owners determine which potential customers are most likely to make a purchase. This process helps locate sales and marketing resources more efficiently; soon, you’ll realize that your company won’t waste time and money on leads who are not interested in buying from you.

If this sounds like a common mistake in your company’s marketing process, keep reading to learn how a VA for lead qualification can help you engage with the right buyers. 


The Process

Before considering someone a sales-qualified lead (SQL), you should take into account specific actions that the buyer performs.

These four factors will help your VA identify those leads that are actually willing to purchase from you. 

  • Lead interest: this is based on the level of curiosity a lead has demonstrated before with your brand. The majority of this information comes from their past online engagement. 
  • Lead behavior: A customer journey can be long, but there are actions customers do to show signs of interest in your service or product. A perfect example is a customer who always checks your pricing page or opens your emails. 
  • Lead fit:  The most basic information like demographics can transform into the most essential part of lead qualification. Knowing where your customer is located or what job they have lets you understand where they are in the customer journey and bring you closer to a sale. 
  • Buying timing: picture yourself in your buyer’s shoes and understand when they intend to buy and why they have chosen that moment to do so. Whatever makes that moment so different from the rest should hint at when you should be enhancing your marketing strategies. 

Lead Qualification is a Laborious task a Virtual Assistant can Do for you

As seen above, there has to be a thorough qualification process to consider a lead as SQL. Your best option is to work with someone who understands the scoring model and calculates how likely a buyer is to complete the purchase.

We understand this process can take a lot of time, and most busy entrepreneurs prefer to skip this process; now, considered that having a prepared VA will narrow your market target; in this way, you can focus on the leads that really matter. 

In the process of lead qualification, a VA should follow is one that provides the most amount of data. As explained before, Important factors to consider are behaviors, demographics, firmographics, interest, etc. The most accurate this information is the better it will perform on your marketing operations.

Lead Qualification

Benefits of Hiring a VA for Lead Qualification

Marketing is very important for any business. Brands like Apple or Nike have constituted great marketing and it has been reflected on their assets for years. Now, imagine what would happen if they started marketing their products to buyers who aren’t interested in or can’t afford their products. The outcome would not be so great, even for big multinationals like these two. 

You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Lead Qualification as well!

Hiring a VA to join you in your marketing process can boost your sales. Your company’s salespeople can now concentrate more on building valuable connections with the correct clients. In this way, it will be a lot easier for them to understand their needs and fulfill them.

At There is Talent we have a great team of VAs who are always willing to learn and that is why we recommend the training to every client.

Consider the learning process of your VA for lead qualification and prepare it according to company procedures.

If you want to learn more, book your strategy call now, we look forward to joining your team!


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