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How a VA for Calendar Management Can Leverage your Business

VA for calendar management

We know that organization is key in all companies, however, the tasks related to it are very time-consuming. That’s why an entrepreneur or even a startup prefers to work with a VA for calendar management.

Let’s be honest, CEOs, founders, executives don’t have enough time to dedicate to the details of meetings. That’s where the skills of a calendar management VA come in.

This type of virtual assistant is a person focused on organizing the core systems of a company or a particular entrepreneur.

What is Calendar Management?

When we talk about calendar management, we refer to the systematized process of organizing meetings, tasks, and events in order to maximize the use of time.

The process incorporates busy but essential work; this involves tasks such as taking meeting requests and scheduling meetings. Here we are also talking about more long-term, strategic work, such as setting an executive’s daily priorities and applying time management best practices.

A well-managed calendar should reflect and enable core priorities. It has the power to influence an executive’s day-to-day success, as well as his or her success on a larger scale. That’s why calendar management is one of the most important skills for a virtual assistant to develop.

VA for calendar management

The Advantages of Effective Calendar Management

A well-managed calendar ensures strategic, efficient, and effective time management. When we are able to achieve this, we lay the foundation for many other business benefits. Things like achievement, efficiency, organization, collaboration, and knowledge.

Among the main advantages we can find:

Goal achievement

By having correct calendar management, you can properly prioritize goals without neglecting to cover everything else.

Improved process efficiency

By establishing a systematic process for calendar management, you can work with automation and tools that improve the use of time.


This is one of the main advantages you find with calendar management as it allows executives to have the necessary control to manage their business more efficiently.


Good calendar management helps executives allocate time to maintain strong business relationships without missing meetings, double-booking, or overlooking opportunities to create key partnerships.

Business vision

Well-managed calendars are not limited to the present and the future. They provide a well-documented record of where time has been spent and for what purpose. In this way, executives can have a better perspective of where they are, where they are going, and what they can do to achieve their goals.

Having a VA for calendar management allows you to keep the ship under control while still focusing on improving the strategies that will help your business scale.

What Makes an Effective Virtual Assistant for Calendar Management?

An effective VA for calendar management must take into account many details so that everything runs smoothly. Among some of the main tasks of a VA for calendar management we can highlight:

1. Prioritize reminders so that the executive is as well prepared as possible for his event, meeting, appointment. In these cases you can set a reminder 3 days in advance, for example, to help the executive review all the necessary details.

2. Performs time audits, i.e., is in charge of assigning a specific time to check how is the time management of the executives for whom you manage calendars. This allows him to analyze the results and offer concrete recommendations with the ultimate goal of improving processes.

3. Checks with their executives that everything is running as they prefer and does so frequently. Communication is essential to ensure that calendar management is running efficiently for both the executive and the virtual assistant.

VA for calendar management

4. Follows up on meetings, appointments, or events. In these cases it is very important to verify if other meetings have been arranged; it is also important to know the executive’s feedback on the meetings he/she attends in order to label and categorize them. In this way, you can help him/her to organize and prioritize according to the existing categorization.

5. Schedule weekly executive meetings. As we mentioned earlier, communication is key when it comes to verifying the effectiveness of processes. In these cases, it is important to meet once a week to check the calendar for the following week. In these meetings, any doubts or observations can be addressed so that both the executive and the virtual assistant can attend to those details and start the week with a clear and organized mindset.

Where Can You Get a VA for Calendar Management?

There are basically two ways to get a VA for calendar management in your company; one is through freelancer platforms and the other is through outsourcing agencies such as There is Talent.

In general, freelancer platforms offer you a direct deal and to be in control of the whole hiring process; however, it is a process that tends to be very time-consuming.

With an outsourcing services agency like There is Talent, you can find the match you want, without it costing you time.

The average entrepreneur is busy enough to handle these processes, so we offer ease and practicality while saving you time, money and getting a VA for calendar management that will help you leverage and scale your business.


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