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How A VA Can Help You Become a Sales Superstar

How Can a VA Help You Become a Sales Superstar?

As a business owner or a sales executive, you’re always looking for a chance to get more sales. After all, it’s a cornerstone of your business, to sell more of your product or service. 

However, I have seen many salespeople and business owners with no time because they are focusing on other parts of the sales process – not the actual sale or close. Things such as managing the CRM, doing customer research, and so on.

The global ecommerce scene on Amazon alone has surpassed $550 billion in 2023. With countless sales always coming in this era of online selling, entrepreneurs and salespeople simply don’t have the time to carry out the support tasks such as organizing meetings. If you are spending time organizing meetings, then that is time you could be in meetings, and selling more.

The solution to these issues is to hire a VA. In this article, you’ll find out how VAs can help you with running a business that turns you into a sales superstar. You’ll also find out how a VA can help you before, during, and after sales meetings. 

How Can A VA Help With Meetings?

11 million meetings happen every day in the US alone. So you always need someone qualified to update you regarding the next meeting, like VA. This is how they can help in this regard. 

Before The Meeting

A VA can be an amazing resource when it comes to organizing a meeting. For one, they can help you with managing and updating your calendar so you’re always updated. Moreover, they can organize meetings on short notice and with a quick turnaround time. 

But that’s not all, a VA can also manage incoming emails and messages that need your attention and send replies accordingly. A good VA will also be in charge of coordinating with other members in the meeting. They can send reminders and updates to other members on your behalf to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Also, VAs can be very helpful when creating an agenda. As a salesperson or a business owner, you may not get the time to manage your diary. In this case, your VA will book meetings for you and make sure that everything stays on track. 

Finally, they can also compile and maintain lists of meeting attendees, including their contact details and their roles.

During The Meeting

A good VA might exceed your expectations during a meeting. This is because they will be responsible for a lot of stuff that’s not as important to you. Like setting up the virtual meeting platform, sending out its links and dial-in information, and ensuring that all technical aspects are taken care of. 

During the meeting, VAs can take detailed notes and record decisions, action items, and key discussion points. They can also distribute these details by emailing all participants. 

Experienced VAs can also support you when other issues crop up. So no detail, no matter how big or small, gets overlooked. Clearly, good VAs are an amazing way to reduce organizational stress and to make you more productive.

After The Meeting

Your VA can track deadlines and action items resulting from the meeting. Moreover, they can send follow-up emails and ask for status reports from other attendees. This in particular is a key skill that differentiates an experienced VA from an inexperienced one. 

Experienced VAs also collect feedback from other participants after the meeting. They then use that feedback to make sure that future meetings are as seamless as possible. 

Other Tasks That A VA Can Do To Boost Sales

While VAs can prove indispensable before, during, and after meetings, they can also be useful in other sales-related things, like lead generation. A VA can assist in lead generation by researching client profiles on LinkedIn, Salesforce, and ZoomInfo, among others.

Having A VA can make your life way easier, and this goes for sales VAs too. Once a sales VA has relevant data, they can reach out to those leads via phone or email to set up appointments, calls, or meetings. Some more tasks that sales VAs can do are listed below.

Updating the CRM

Another task that VAs can do efficiently to save your time is to update the CRM. The CRM (client relationship management) is crucial for managing leads and prospects. So keeping it updated will prevent you from wasting money on generating leads that you are just not getting to. This is actually one of the main problems that many salespeople have, they have leads but they just can’t keep up with contacting all of them – especially as in many cases multiple contacts are required.

Market Research

For any business to cater correctly to its customers, it must first get to know them on a deeper level. This is where market research comes in, which can help you become that sales superstar! A VA can help you here in a lot of ways, like gathering data on your target audience and analyzing trends. They can also monitor competitor activity, and identify new opportunities, making sure that you are always well informed and have the right information at your fingertips.

Sales Administration

Lastly, a VA can help you to become a sales superstar by managing your sales. This ranges from checking your sales databases, preparing sales reports, and updating customer information. All of these activities will allow you to focus on more crucial aspects of your business. It would be even better if you get a VA in your time zone for such activities.

Summing It All Up

Hiring a VA help you in doing the daily sales-related tasks can be a breath of fresh air. You won’t have to worry about minute things, like updating the CRM, making sales reports, and such. Moreover, you also won’t have to bother a lot with organizing your meetings, managing your diary, and getting feedback from other attendees.

This is why we at There Is Talent bring you the best and most experienced VAs to make your life easier. If you want to lessen your workload and increase sales at the same time, get in touch with Claudia today and hire a qualified VA!


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