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Virtual Assistants for Cold Calling, Customer Support, and Follow-Up

Cold Calling VA

Cold calling, customer support, and follow-ups can be really time-consuming tasks to do. Fortunately, they don’t have to be part of the tasks that you or your team do. Virtual assistants are in the world to make things easier.

How Do Virtual Assistants Get Integrated Into Your Team?

Some business owners may wonder how they can be supported by virtual assistants or if it is really necessary. When they already have a team in place for the marketing and sales departments, there are still benefits to having virtual assistants, as they are great options to complement operational activities.

Each strategy has to be supported by small activities and tasks in order to meet the objectives set. This is where virtual assistants come in.

Specialized Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants began to emerge around 30 years ago and their main functions were of an administrative nature. The first wave of virtual assistants tended to be women who already had secretarial experience. However, over the years, more tasks have been added to the list of virtual assistants. This happened at the same time as businesses were evolving and changing their requirements. So much so that today we see virtual assistants specializing in marketing, sales, real estate, accounting, law, podcasts, and the list goes on!

Latino Virtual assistant

Cold Calling for Marketing and Sales

Whether you’re thinking about cold calling to drive marketing or sales strategies, you may have encountered proponents and opponents of the idea. Cold calling has been an important part of business development in the U.S. A few years ago, there were a lot of cold calls to sell or promote a product or service. However, because of restrictions imposed, they have had to be handled with some care. Even today, some people are still unwilling to listen to someone talk about something they don’t know. That’s why having qualified and experienced staff to create connections with customers has become critical for cold calling.

Virtual Assistants are more affordable professionals

An important fact to keep in mind when thinking about virtual assistants is that many, if not most (at least in Latin America) are professionals. In Latin America unfortunately there are many professionals who have not been able to find good remuneration to develop their careers. Other professionals have been caught up in very competitive and favoritism-ridden fields of work. If we add to this the fact that receiving payments in foreign currency is a plus and that working from home is safer and represents more savings, we have a mix of reasons why many professionals prefer to be virtual assistants. We already know that a motivated person does a better job. Your virtual assistant can support you in any way you consider convenient as long as you are clear about your strategies, their functions, and the results you expect to achieve.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the most demonized techniques by many in the business world. The thing is, it still works. That is why it is important to have people who are experienced in it. Virtual assistants have a great knowledge of sales and marketing strategies to hook prospects. While your team focuses on the big strategies, follow up and adjustments, your virtual assistant is the best executor.

Customer Support

One of the biggest areas of any business is the customer support department, especially after surviving one of the most demanding years for businesses.

In the market, there are VAs of all kinds, some more focused on the execution of tasks, others with a more analytical approach, and others more prone to customer service. In the particular case of customer support, you can always find virtual assistants that breathe service. Your representatives are one of the faces you show to your customers and you need to make sure they are trained and reflect your company’s values like no other. Always remember that a customer may not proceed with a purchase if they have had a poor customer support experience.

Cold Calling


VAs can handle outbound calls to contact prospects according to the stage of the customer journey or sales funnel they are in. In addition, managing CRM software is one of the main tasks of virtual assistants today. They can be the people in charge of contacting customers by calls, emails, messages, according to your strategy, to not lose contact with your prospect and to continue delivering an experience that makes them not only buy from you but to come back constantly. To this, you can add the recommendations that you will have gained by having a staff that is in charge of delivering value to your customer.

Virtual assistants are highly qualified people to help you meet your goals

At There is Talent we believe it is important to connect the right people to enhance growth. Thanks to this principle, we have created a team of virtual assistants and customer support agents that make your brand shine.

If you want to know more about us and our proposal, book a call with our director Claudia. She is the ideal person to answer all your questions.

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