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Hiring Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors

Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors

Virtual assistants have become more popular over the years; especially after the pandemic, we can see a rise in demand for VAs in many sectors. Especially in the area of real estate in the US, we can see how having Virtual Assistants for real estate investors can make the difference between a successful business or not.

The most sought-after virtual assistants have usually been Filipinos or Indians because they represent a fairly cheap labor force; however, once you start working with them, one of the first drawbacks is the time zone. In contrast, a Latino virtual assistant for real estate investors will naturally have a time zone that is much more similar if not the same as that of the American entrepreneur.

So, leaving aside the time zone factor, should I work with a virtual assistant as a real estate investor?

The truth is that today’s real estate investors are learning how to take advantage of virtual assistants to make their business operations more efficient and more profitable.

One of the most important things to ask yourself as an entrepreneur is how much does an hour of your time cost?

Let’s say an hour of your time is worth $100 USD, don’t you think you can get a virtual assistant to do repetitive tasks for less than $50 USD?

In fact, at There is Talent you can get virtual assistants for real estate investors to do those tasks for less than $10 USD an hour.

What are Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors?

A virtual assistant or VA is a professional with an administrative skill set who works primarily from home. So, instead of having a person working with you in person (and possibly costing you much more considering their administrative skill set in the US), you have a professional who works remotely and delivers quality work at a lower cost.

Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors

What exactly do Virtual Assistants do?

A virtual assistant can work on a day-to-day basis according to your business needs. She can be in charge of answering inbound calls, following up with clients, or handling your email and calendar. It all depends on how much help you need.

Here are some of the main functions of a virtual assistant for real estate investors:

Email and calendar management

As we mentioned earlier, your VA has a set of administrative skills that facilitate your processes. One of the main functions is keeping your business organized and up to date.

Answering phone calls

Another benefit of having virtual assistants for real estate investors is that you can ensure excellent customer service.

Research properties

Your virtual assistant can generate lists of potential offers while you are busy closing deals that are already in the pipeline.

Manage your social media accounts

The assistants you get with us have a basic knowledge that allows them to support your Social Media strategies.

Data entry

Many virtual assistants require a good command of Excel and Spreadsheets, among others.

Content creation for marketing campaigns

Hence the importance of having professionals trained to do various jobs.

Management and audit of digital files

As mentioned above, the organization of your business is the main job of your VA.


To keep you up to date with the status of your company.

Real Estate Reports

What are the Advantages of Hiring Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors?

There are many advantages to hiring a VA for your real estate business. Here are three of the biggest ones:

Flexibility: you can get virtual assistants to work for a minimum of 10 hrs per week to help you with specific tasks. As well as you can offer them a higher hourly load if you need support on a daily basis.

Lower cost: virtual assistants for real estate investors are usually much more affordable than in the US. This considering that a professional with the same skill set can cost you much more than a worker earning minimum wage.

Time savings: With your VA handling your administrative tasks, you can focus on growing your business through the tasks you enjoy most.

Where Can You Get the Best Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors?

Of course, the answer is in Latin America. And what better way to secure the best fit than through There is Talent? We take care of finding the ideal person to meet your requirements; not only connecting you with the best profile with the right hard skills but the type of person you will want to have a long-term relationship with.

At There is Talent we make the perfect match so you don’t have to be trying your luck on freelancer portals. We take care of the whole process and help you manage all the administrative processes without an extra fee.

Want to learn more about our services? Schedule a strategic call today and clear all your doubts!


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