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Hiring a VA for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

VA for Real Estate

If after the pandemic you have been growing your listings and you have considered hiring a VA for real estate, this is the ultimate guide you were looking for. The real estate industry is at its peak, and having an extra hand can help you support this growth

VAs for real estate help millions of realtors and brokers every year grow their sales and obtain more leads. In this blog, you will learn what makes virtual assistants so unique for this industry and the success they can help you achieve. 

What is a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate?

Before you make the decision of hiring a VA, it is important to understand what a virtual assistant really is, this way you set clear expectations and avoid misunderstandings. 

A virtual assistant is an employee who works remotely. This term became more popular in the 90s once technological advancements were made, making the internet more accessible to every home. They specialized in administrative to technical tasks, depending on the needs of the contractors. 

If you want to hire a VA for real estate without having to worry about conducting boring interviews and doubting about obtaining quality work, click here.

What Tasks Does a VA for Real Estate Perform?

There is a long list of duties a virtual assistant can do for a real estate business. The goal entrepreneurs have when hiring a VA is to make their life easier. To decide what tasks a VA could perform for your business, the question you should ask yourself is: what duties can you delegate in order to reduce workload and increase productivity?

The top in-demand services for a VA for real estate are cold calling and outbound marketing services but statistics show that in the last year social media marketing has become a highly requested service by realtors and brokers. 

Let’s review some of the most common and effective strategies your VA can help you with.

VA for Real Estate

Content Creation for Realtors

Content creation is a time-consuming task for anyone who executes it. To avoid stunting your growth, a VA can help you create all the content necessary for you to reach your niche. When we talk about content creation it can be about designing posts for social networks, listings, and blog posts, among other digital content. We also mean any content to print such as brochures.

By hiring a VA you save time while you outsource to someone who delivers results.

Real Estate Website Development

Did you know that 82% of agents earning over $150,000 have their own website? Having a website gives your business more authority within your niche and it’s a different source to bring traffic and new leads. Now, not every VA for Real Estate Marketing knows how to build a website and it’s great if you get one; however, a virtual assistant can help you keep the page updated and optimized. 

This automatically helps your SEO, meaning people will get to find you more easily.

Real Estate Cold Calling

In order to sell more houses, realtors should be creating conversations with potential clients. These are the people that will buy a house from you and you have to stay on top of their minds to make it happen. 

We understand most real estate professionals don’t have the time to make 60-200 calls a day, it’s unrealistic considering all the other responsibilities they have. This is why most realtors need help calling prospects to figure out if they can become potential buyers/sellers. 

A VA for real estate can help you make those calls. A good strategy you can use is to set a daily target of calls your virtual assistant should be doing considering your conversion rate. If it usually takes you 60 calls to bring in 2 new prospects, decide how many calls you need to make per day to meet your monthly goals. 

VA for Real Estate

Facebook Outreach for Real Estate

If you want to get more leads but you don’t want to spam people, developing a proper Facebook outreach strategy might be your best option. This platform has 2.93 billion active users and is a great place to make connections. 

The first step you need to take when developing your Facebook outreach strategy is deciding what you want to accomplish. This will make the job of a VA much easier since it will determine who she/he will be contacting and interacting with. 

We know that for most realtors the main objective when outreaching is creating a list full of qualified leads. A VA for Facebook can help you create a useful list of leads by finding prospects that require your services and that can hopefully consider working with you in the future. 

Social Media Management

More than understanding the market and being a great negotiator, a realtor must develop strong relationships with leads, clients, and other realtors. Real estate success comes from the ability to network and social media platforms are the best place to do so. 

A VA for real estate can manage all your social media pages to create a strong online presence where you are able to increase traffic. Your goal should be to create a community for your clients to interact with you, 


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s used to organize all lead and client data. As a realtor, it is very important to organize this information in a single place, if you don’t chances are you might lose important data.  

CRMs help real estate professionals track all communication with their customers, develop unique relationships with them, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Cultivating positive relationships with your clients is fundamental. Most successful realtors establish such strong connections with their buyers that they become their biggest promoters. 

Keep in mind that consistency is a critical element. Timely communication and dedication are required to build strong relations. A VA for real estate can make this process better for you, without you incurring additional costs. 


There are a huge number of realtors hiring virtual assistants to fulfill the role of getting more leads. Prospecting has become a crucial step in the sales process to understand whether or not a person is interested in doing business with you.

If you don’t identify those potential leads who are likely to work with you, you will end up wasting your time marketing your services to a niche that is not interested in them.

We understand prospecting is a timely task, and having an extra hand can be your best option to succeed in this process. 

Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing takes 80% of all marketing channels. This is why marketing campaigns are not an expense but rather an investment. The biggest mistake realtors make is believing that real estate is such a ¨serious¨ business they don’t need to have a social media presence. 

Connections are everything for a realtor so you need to develop a marketing strategy that allows people to learn about you. Keep in mind that buyers are more likely to work with you if they like you and you have formed a connection with them based on trust. 

Working with a VA for real estate can help you make the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Pro tip: keep it fun with your marketing campaigns! People not only want to learn about what you sell, but they also enjoy the why you’re selling it.

VA for Real Estate

Time Zone

Before you hire a virtual assistant, it is important to analyze both parties’ time zones and see how this factor could affect the work performance. If you prefer to keep all employees working at similar hours, this is beneficial since it makes it easier to solve issues and meet deadlines. It also creates a sense of workplace community. 

One of the main benefits of outsourcing to Latin America is having the possibility to work with a VA in US time zones. 


A virtual assistant for real estate will charge different amounts of money per hour depending on where they are located and their skill set. But on average VAs charge $2 to $40 dollars per hour. 

Hiring a VA in Latin America results in a great deal for many entrepreneurs who want to save money. Working with a Latino VA can save business owners up to 70% on expenses compared to hiring a VA based in the US. 


At There is Talent we are proud to work with the best VAs for real estate located in Colombia. Our virtual assistants have been supporting realtors like you to increase their sales and boost their productivity since 2017.

Keep in mind that no other place in the world is as close to the United States as Latin America. Being so close to the United States, Latin Americans have a great knowledge of the culture, language, and social traits, making it easier for them to adapt to your business model and organization structures. 

Also, It is proven that Colombians are one of the happiest people in the world. If you want to bring enthusiasm to your company and hire people that are always willing to help, you’ll certainly find the right fit in this country.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate?

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant, at There is Talent we can save you recruiting time by presenting you with the most professional VAs in Colombia.

We know that hiring someone to join your team is an important step you will be taking as a realtor and that’s why we want to support you along the way. 

Do you want to know more about our team and what they can do for your business? Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best Spanish-speaking remote workers!


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