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Hire a Virtual Assistant for TikTok and Boost your Audience!

Virtual Assistant for TikTok

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform, but entrepreneurs should not ignore it, they should take advantage of it with a Virtual Assistant. This social media platform has grown faster than any other social media page since the pandemic; it has transformed the way businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, and almost everyone creates content. 

TikTok is responsible for boosting the video formats that we see everywhere. Now that all your social media is filled with videos, it is safe to say that still images and square photos are going away. If you really want to gain followers, position your brand and make more sales through your content, videos are the way to go.

As a busy entrepreneur, a virtual assistant for TikTok can be the best choice if you want to create videos quickly. Keep reading this blog and learn more about them.

Why is Being on TikTok Important?

TikTok is available in over 150 countries, with over 1 billion users it’s ranked as #5 in the top ten social media platforms of 2022. It is essential to be on TikTok right now if you want to increase your audience. If your target market includes people from the age of 10 to 60,  chances are you will find them on TikTok. 

Virtual Assistant for TikTok

TikTok + Engagement

As a result of the massive engagement on this platform, it is more likely to go viral. Every day TikTok’s engagement goes up, and the average monthly hours that are spent per user range around 25.7h making it the biggest number of hours spent in any social media app (Facebook 16h – Instagram 7.9h – WhatsApp 7.8h). By developing a proper TikTok strategy, you can quickly gain more clients and grow your business.

Consistancy and TikTok

As we have seen, growing on TikTok is possible but requires a considerable investment of time. Being constant is crucial, according to marketing experts, posting 2-3 times a day is what is recommended in order to go viral on TikTok. If you are a busy entrepreneur, you probably don’t have the time to film and edit 10-15 videos a week. It is very important you have the right support to help you on this journey. For those of you who want to take your content creation on TikTok seriously, hiring a virtual assistant is the best alternative.

What is a Virtual Assistant for TikTok?

A remote worker who can help you manage all aspects of your TikTok strategy. The majority of virtual assistants don’t require the contractor to pay for health insurance, sick leave, vacation days, etc. making VAs very attractive to entrepreneurs who wish to stay on a budget.  If you decide to hire a VA overseas you could save even more money,  especially if you find talent in Latin American countries. Currency exchange between countries allows you to save up to 70% on salaries compared to hiring a VA based in the US. Let’s analyze some of the tasks you could outsource to a virtual assistant for TikTok. 

Virtual Assistant for TikTok

Content Creation and Editing

100% of TikTok’s content is in video form. A video is much more time-consuming to make than an image, and this is where it can get complicated for entrepreneurs. You could outsource this part to a VA, who could film and edit great TikTok videos. Use this strategy if you are busy but still want to boost your social media presence.

You can decide how many hours your VA will spend completing these tasks each week, so you can establish a budget while getting the results you need.

Where to Find a Virtual Assistant for TikTok?

There are basically two ways to get a virtual assistant for your company; one is through freelancer platforms and the other is through outsourcing agencies such as There is Talent.

A freelancer platform generally offers you a direct deal and allows you to control your entire hiring process; however, it is a lengthy process.

With an outsourcing services agency like There is Talent, you can find the match you want. Moreover, you can say goodbye to time-wasting!

The average entrepreneur is busy enough to handle these processes; that’s why we offer ease and practicality while saving you time, and money! Getting a VA that will help you leverage and scale your business to the next level.

Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best Spanish-speaking VAs now!


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