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Hire a Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks in Latin America

Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks

Today, having a Virtual Assistant for Quickbooks is one of the best investments any entrepreneur can make!

Quickbooks is one of the most used financial management tools in the world. This platform helps millions of entrepreneurs every year track their account balances, investments, budgeting, and other financial data. To make things simpler, entrepreneurs prefer to hire virtual assistants for Quickbooks. The main reason they make this decision is to save time and ensure this platform’s correct management. In this blog, you will learn more about virtual assistants, and how they can organize your business through financial management tools such as QuickBooks. 

Virtual Assistant vs. Assistant

The most common mistake entrepreneurs make is comparing an assistant with a VA (virtual assistant). Regardless of their similarities, like how organized they tend to be. They are very different and offer the employer dissimilar services as well.

While assistants are physically present with their clients, a virtual assistant works remotely. This is one of the reasons why hiring a virtual assistant is more affordable for a business. When working with a VA the contractor does not have to pay for health insurance, sick leave, vacation days, etc. Also, the contractor is able to hire talent from different parts of the world, benefiting from the currency exchange rate and saving up to 70% on salaries compared to hiring an assistant based in the US. 

Clearly, there are tasks that can only be done physically like running errands, but thanks to technology there are endless tasks that can be done remotely, and managing QuickBooks is one of them. 

Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks

What is a Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks?

There are endless features on QuickBooks. If you have just started using QuickBooks and you have no experience with the platform, it might be overwhelming to use it. Here is where a virtual assistant for QuickBooks comes in, they are able to manage the complete QuickBooks suite, saving you time and the energy of learning to use all of its features. 

Benefits of Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks has many tools that will help you increase your productivity. This will make you’re accounting easier to understand. Your virtual assistant will save time and their work performance will increase significantly by using this software. 


One of the greatest advantages QuickBooks has is the ability to integrate with other programs. Entrepreneurs can export their data to their favorite tax preparation program, making the process of filing taxes much easier. If you want your information to be integrated into Microsoft Excel, your virtual assistant can easily help you do this.

Helpful for Small Business

Regardless of your business size, you can benefit from using QuickBooks. This platform is an efficient solution to all your accounting needs. It is actually a perfect place for small businesses to start saving their financial data. 

Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks   

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for QuickBooks

We understand how important finances are for a business. Your chances of running a successful business increase once you take control of your expenses, earnings, obligations, etc. 

The support of a VA when using QuickBooks can transform your business, and we want to be a part of this growth you will begin to experience. 

If you want to hire a virtual assistant, you can get them privately, that is, through freelance directory platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or through agencies such as There is Talent.

With a freelancer directory platform, you have to dedicate yourself to the selection of the ideal person for the position. One of the important and sometimes ignored details is that you can’t always find the expected quality of work.

The benefit of working with a VA agency is that you can be sure that even if the virtual assistant you hired does not meet all the requirements, he/she can be replaced. 

At There is Talent we take this policy very seriously because we always want to provide you with the best Spanish-speaking VAs in the market that provides you with impeccable work, but most importantly results. 

Do you want to know more about our team and what they can do for your business?

Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and start enjoying the benefits of having the best Spanish-speaking VAs!


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