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Hire a VA for Lead Management to Boost Your Business’ Growth!

VA for lead management

If you’ve been following the rules by the book, it’s likely that you’re now getting a lot of prospects interested in working with you. The only problem is that with so many new prospects you can’t keep up with them and you run the risk of losing them. This is the ideal time to hire a VA for lead management!

Although the above is an ideal scenario, it may also be the case that you simply don’t have the time. Between so many things to take care of, you may be having a hard time managing them all. However, you can’t afford to lose leads!
In this article, we want to help you understand all the ways a VA real estate lead management can help you!

What is Lead Management?

Amidst all the terminology that exists in Digital Marketing, it is possible that you may be losing track of each label. Let’s talk a bit, then, about what leads are and how they are managed.

Leads are people or organizations interested in the product or service you offer. With proper nurturing, these leads can become long-term customers.

As you can imagine, lead management refers to the process designed from lead acquisition to closing sales.

This is a marketing process that encompasses acquiring and capturing a lead, monitoring their behavior, educating and nurturing them to prepare them for the sales team.

To support these processes, marketing teams use CRM software to help them stay on top of leads. Follow up and nurture them appropriately for the sales team.

With good lead management, the sales team can focus on closing leads instead of looking for qualified buyers.

VA for Lead Management

How does a VA for lead management support your business?

First, it is important to keep in mind that not all leads are the same. Each customer’s buyer’s journey is unique, which is why we see some arrive ready to buy while others do not. In fact, Salesforce indicated that some leads may need six to eight contacts to be considered viable sales leads.

So while some leads are “looking,” others already know what they want and have come directly to you to buy.

The importance of this is that you must have a solid lead management system that eliminates the weak ones and encourages the conversion of those with the greatest potential.

In addition to all this, in general, using a lead management system streamlines the customer experience and promotes the efficiency of marketing and sales teams.

Let’s review how a VA for lead management can support you:

1. Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of making your products or services known. You can do this through advertisements, articles, explanatory videos, website downloads, also known as lead magnets. Likewise, you can rely on promotional events, public relations campaigns, and various B2B and B2C marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Once you have generated enough interest among consumers, you can start contacting and validating their leads.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to attract just anyone to your campaigns. What you really need is to get your target market to take notice. Therefore, it is important to design campaigns that resonate with your ideal audience.

In this first step, it is very important to build on the data of your ideal audience or market. And from this first step in your lead generation strategy, you can rely on your VA for lead management.

VAs with lead management knowledge can help you collect data to design your buyer personas. From there they can help you design your campaigns based on those buyer personas.

2. Lead nurturing

As soon as potential customers start responding to your strategies, your VA for lead management will start collecting vital information about them.

Remember how we talked about an efficient system to help you separate the weak from the good leads? Well, this is the ideal time to do it. Here you need to collect information to know how good your prospects are.

You can do this through tracking codes to the content you send via email or social media to understand and track the type of content your audience responds to.

Likewise, it is vital to use lead capture forms when offering your lead magnets.

Tools such as Google Analytics provide key information. Details such as the types of content visitors consume, how they arrive at your website (social media, paid search, email, organic search, etc.); their category interests, age, gender, location, language, the device used, and even their browser information.

Make sure you have this tool in place as well so that your VA for lead management can collect all the necessary information.

3. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of cultivating relationships with potential buyers who are not yet ready to buy. The goal is to inform them about your brand, products, and solutions by sending them targeted informational content at each stage of the buying process.

If you keep the buyer’s journey in mind, you will understand that this applies to your current customers as well. Just because they’ve already made a purchase doesn’t mean their journey is over.

In fact, they have demonstrated a deep interest in your company and an ability to buy. From this, you can build relationships with current customers through after-sales support with the support of your VA for lead management.

4. Lead scoring

It is paramount that the communication between marketing and sales is transparent enough to know who the ideal customer is to close sales.

This is where lead scoring comes into play. This is a ranking process to determine their willingness to buy. In these cases, labels such as “cold,” “warm” or “hot” can be assigned based on certain elements.

Your VA for lead management can take care of the scoring process according to sales requirements.

VA for Lead Management

What Specific Tasks Can a Lead Management VA Perform?

Now that you know the first steps, you may be wondering what exactly are the tasks of a lead management VA.

Let’s review some of the main ones according to the stage of lead management:

Lead generation

Some of the main tasks in this stage include:

1. Market research
2. Buyer persona design
3. Design and management of advertising campaigns
4. Lead magnets creation

Lead acquisition

1. Assignment of tracking codes
2. Data collection
3. Data entry / CRM

Lead nurturing

Newsletter design and management
2. Creation of email marketing campaigns
3. Customer service (doubts, loyalty program)

Lead scoring

1. Filtering and tagging qualified leads for sales.

Where to Get a VA for Lead Management?

The best option for American entrepreneurs in 2021 is definitely Latin America. Here, our Virtual Assistants deliver quality work, while saving you money. And best of all, you can reach them in your own time zone.

Meet the team of VAs we have available for you!


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